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Nikon D80 Troubleshooting

This guide helps users troubleshoot their Nikon camera, model number D80. This guide was released on August 9, 2006. It was most recently updated on October 16, 2017.

Camera shutter seems to "stick" halfway through the shutter cycle.

This error occurs due to low battery, and the camera should be reset. Remove the battery, fully charge the battery using the Nikon D80 battery charger, and then remove the memory card and reset the camera. This can be done by using the reset option in the menu. Alternatively, there is a reset switch on the camera's body, under the connector cover. Test to see if the shutter cycles by taking photos. If solved, the message should not reappear. If the error message is still appearing, view the Shutter Reset section below.

If resetting the camera does not fix the issue, there may be something wrong near the battery. Remove the bottom cover using this guide and see if any wires are unplugged or improperly connected.

If the camera reset is not successful, then reset the shutter. This is done by dismounting the lens and pressing the shutter button with the camera on; then remount the lens. Test by taking photos. If solved, the message should not reappear.

You see R09 appear on the LCD screen.

The R_number messages provide the user with buffering information. This R_number tells the user how many photos are available in the buffer.

The light meter and other options are not visible through the viewfinder.

Select the RESET option in the Custom Settings Menu or hold the +/- and AF buttons for two (2) seconds or more.

Alternatively, with the camera off, remove the batteries for about fifteen (15) seconds, then replace the battery and turn on the camera.

It is difficult to see through the lens due to a whitish color.

Wipe the outside of the lens with a clean towel or cloth.

Manually twist the lens, zooming it in and out to aerate, clearing the condensation from the cavity.

When looking at the LCD for the menu, it is not visible.

Select Full from the CSM / setup menu.

If nothing continues to be visible on the rear LCD screen, the rear LCD screen may need to be replaced. Follow this link to access the rear LCD screen replacement guide.

If nothing continues to be visible on the rear LCD screen, your main board or mother board may need replacing. Follow this link to the main board replacement guide or this link to the mother board replacement guide.

When pressing the shutter to take a picture, flash does not automatically trigger.

Rotate mode dial to M and then press the Flash Mode button, or, alternatively, rotate mode dial to Auto; with this second option, the flash activates in low-light situations.

The flash mechanism may be broken; follow this link to find our flash assembly replacement guide.

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I have followed the above instruction but still Err appears on the LCD screen.

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