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An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

Nikon D80 Troubleshooting

Released August 9th 2006. Identified by model number D80.

==Err message appears on LCD screen==

"Camera will not take photos, and you see Err message flash on the LCD screen."

===Faulty Lens Connection===

Sometimes caused by dirt or grease on the camera or lens contacts. Dismount camera lens and clean lens and camera contacts. Once clean, remount lens and test by trying to take pictures. If solved message should not appear.

==Shutter Won't Cycle==

"Camera shutter seems to "stick" halfway through shutter cycle."

===Reset Camera===

Sometimes this Err occurs due to low battery and needs to be reset. Try removing the battery, fully charge the battery, and remove the memory card, then reset the camera. This can be done by using the reset option in the menu options and on the camera body. Test by taking photos. If solved the message should not appear. If Err is still appearing view Shutter Reset.

===Shutter Reset===

If the camera reset is not successful, then reset the shutter. This is done by dismounting the lens and pressing the shutter button with the camera on; then remounting the lens. Test by taking photos. If solved the message should not appear.

==R09 Message==

"You see R09 appear on the LCD screen."

===Not Actually a Problem!===

This message is actually not a problem that needs to be fixed, although it is a misconception. The R_ _ messages provides the user with buffering information. This R# tells the user how many photos are available in the buffer.

==Menu Buttons Not Working==

"You may not be able to select menu options."

===Factory Reset===

Start by removing the lens, battery, and memory card(Insert Guide Here). Reinsert the battery and put the lens back on by following (insert guide here). Then turn the camera on and hold the two buttons on the top of the camera body with the green dots next to them. Wait for the LCD on top of the camera to flash. Then hit the menu button to test. If successful menu will work.


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