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Nikon Coolpix S6800 Troubleshooting

Released in January of 2014, the S6800 is a later model in the Coolpix line of digital cameras offered by Nikon. It offers a 16 mega-pixel camera and full 1080p video recording ability with a 14x optical zoom.

Camera will not turn on ¶ 

Device will not boot up or powers down immediately after booting up.

Dead battery ¶ 

If your camera shuts off just after you turned on, either your battery does not have a sufficient charge to power on or to remained powered. Charge the battery using a micro-USB charging cable for 1-2 hours. Unplug the camera and test if the camera will power on.


Faulty Battery ¶ 

If your camera still doesn’t power on, your battery may be faulty. This model uses a Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery model EN-EL 19 so be sure to replace it with the same model battery.


Lens Error on Display ¶ 

Display screen shows "Lens Error" message and no other functions work.

Shutter will not open ¶ 

If you turn on the camera and the shutter will not open fully, something behind the shutter may be restricting the shutters movement. You can find and remove this obstruction using this guide.

Lens will not extend ¶ 

When the camera turns on the lens should extend, if this does not happen, you have an issue with the lens mechanism. You can follow this guide to repair or replace your camera lens.

My display screen is black ¶ 

The camera has power but the display screen will remain disabled.

Insufficient power ¶ 

If battery power is critically low the display screen may remain unpowered. To rule this problem out, charge the battery and try turning the camera on again.


Faulty Connection ¶ 

If you have ruled out the power problem, there is likely a faulty connection preventing your screen from displaying properly. You can follow this guide to determine if you have a faulty connection and subsequently fix it.


Faulty Screen ¶ 

If you find that you don’t have a faulty connection you may have a faulty screen. If this is the case you must buy a replacement screen. A guide on how to replace this screen can be found here.


Camera Flash Does Not Work Properly ¶ 

When taking a picture the camera flash does not respond as desired.

Flash is Turned On/Off ¶ 

The flash feature is enable/disabled. Alternate between enabled and disabled by using the flash key on the control pad (indicated with a jagged arrow).

Flash LED Bulb is Depleted ¶ 

If the flash feature is enabled but the camera does not actually emit a flash, the LED that makes the flash may be dead or damaged. To replace this component, you may follow this guide.

Flash Capacitor Malfunction ¶ 

There is a capacitor in your camera which controls the flash. If you have replaced the LED and the problem persists, you may have a faulty capacitor. To replace the flash capacitor, follow this guide.

Camera Will Not Charge ¶ 

The camera will not hold a charge.

Faulty Battery ¶ 

The most likely culprit. Remove your battery and plug in your camera’s micro-USB charging cable. If the camera will turn on then your battery is to blame. To replace a battery follow this guide. If the camera will not turn on you have a faulty charging port.


Faulty Charging Port ¶ 

A faulty charging port may make it impossible to charge your camera’s battery. If this is the case, you can replace the charging port using this guide.

Camera Will Not Take Picture ¶ 

When the capture button is pressed, the camera will not take the picture

Insufficient Storage ¶ 

If your internal memory and your SD card are both full, the camera will not take a picture. Put an empty SD card into the camera and try taking a picture.

Short in Capture Button ¶ 

If you have sufficient storage and your camera still won’t take a picture, there is likely a short in your capture button. You can follow this guide to remove the short.



The battery has a full charge but the camera will not turn on. When the button is depressed, nothing happens. The screen remains black. Is there any way to fix this.

Thank you!

Sheila Hislop - Reply

Why would my coolpix S6800 get hot after I take the card out and it’s not plugged in

robofemale2000 - Reply

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