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Student-Contributed Wiki

An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

The camera is unresponsive to attempts to turn it on

The batteries may be depleted, try replacing them.

The batteries may be improperly inserted. Check to make sure the 2 positive and 2 negative batteries are placed in their respective slots.

The L840 can use AA size alkaline, lithium, and rechargeable Ni-MH batteries.

When replacing the batteries does not do the job, the fault may lie with the battery terminals. Try lightly cleaning the battery terminals with a dry material.

The memory card may be causing the device to have trouble turning on. Try turning the device on again without the memory card inserted, or with the memory card replaced.

The screen is unresponsive

Replace batteries (AA batteries)

Turn off the camera and turn it back on

If the flash lamp is on, the flash is charging - wait until it is complete

To replace the LCD screen, check out our LCD Screen replacement guide.

The camera shutter is stuck or is unresponsive

Make sure the lens is clean and nothing obstructs the shutter’s path. Use either microfiber or tissue and cleaner to carefully remove any debris, use compressed air around the lens and shutter area

Try interrupting the shutter by setting the shutter speed as low as possible, then pulling out the batteries while the camera is still taking the photo.

The memory card cannot be accessed

The following lists the memory cards that have been tested and approved for this camera.

  • SD Memory Card: Panasonic
  • SDHC Memory Card: SanDisk, TOSHIBA, Panasonic, Lexar
  • SDXC Memory Card: SanDisk, TOSHIBA, Panasonic, Lexar

Try using another approved memory card. First you want to turn off the camera, eject the memory card and then insert a new memory card. Make sure the card is inserted in the correct orientation otherwise you will get an error saying "unable to read card" on the LCD screen. Once the new memory card is inserted turn on the camera.

Turn off the camera, eject the memory card, and reinsert until it clicks. Make sure the card is inserted in the correct orientation. There is also a label on the camera showing which way the memory card should be orientated.

Format the memory card using the camera or a computer. Connect the adapter onto the end of your memory card that converts it into the full size SD or MMC card. If you need a adapter simply click this link- . Then insert your card into the card reader and plug in the USB cable into your PC. After several seconds your memory card will be identified and then you want to right click and select "Format". Once you do that a dialog should pop-up and you click "Start". By following these steps you should be able to correctly format your memory card

Note: Make sure to backup any files in the memory card.

  • Remove any debris that may be stuck in the lens cover. Use compressed air or a blow dryer (set to cold setting) to dislodge any debris.
  • Slip a thin piece of paper between the surface of the lens and its outer ring to dislodge any debris that may be stuck there.
  • Hold camera with lens barrel facing down, and tap the lens barrel to dislodge any debris. Repeat with lens extended and retracted.

The batteries may be depleted, try putting in new batteries.

Buttons do not respond when pressed, or respond incorrectly

To replace the camera buttons, check out our Button replacement guide.


A problem with Setting. When Menu is open, section "Setting" provides only two options. How to open other?

embucr - Reply

When I turn my camera on it shuts off straight away or it just zooms in fully by itself and then it says 'Battery Exhausted' how do I fix this?

Bobby Lashley - Reply

My camera was working fine last night but when I went to plug it into my computer it stopped working. I've plugged it in before with no issues. I changed the batteries thinking maybe the batteries died. But it still wont turn on..

blare_cat - Reply

The quality of the photos are very grainy. Not sure if it's just the camera quality or a setting, it seems like I've tried everything. Would love some help.

Hannah Twomey - Reply

My camera won't turn on. New batteries. It was working the night before. Please help.

rochelle_ratliff - Reply

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