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Nikon Coolpix L830 Troubleshooting

The device will not power on after multiple attempts to do so.

Make sure the batteries inserted into the camera are fully charged. If power is not coming from the batteries, replace with new, fully charged, batteries. If fully charged, the batteries may be incorrectly positioned. Remove batteries and see where the posts and connections are (located on yellow stickers inside). Insert according to the stickers and turn on camera.

Examine the power button for debris that may be preventing the button from being pressed.

The camera screen is black and does not respond.

If the LCD screen is not showing anything, the camera may be turned off. Press the power button and wait for the camera to turn on.

Make sure the camera batteries are fully charged. If not, the batteries may need to be replaced.

Wait for the flash to recharge. The flash lamp will be flashing while the flash is charging.

When the power saving mode is activated, the LCD screen will turn off after a certain amount of inactivity. Use the on-screen menus to disable power saving mode.

If the LCD screen is still unresponsive, it may be broken. Replace the screen using the Nikon Coolpix L830 LCD Monitor Replacement Guide.

The camera will not focus when photographing a subject.

Take the photo from a greater distance from the subject. Press the shutter-release button halfway down to refocus the image.

To disengage the Autofocus, press the arrow multi-selector buttons while taking a photo. This will allow you to move the focus area to where you want to focus.

There are particles or debris obstructing the lens.

Turn camera off before cleaning. Carefully use a microfiber cloth and clean the outside of the lens to remove all debris.

Turn camera off before cleaning. Carefully apply compressed air to side of lens to remove. If particles remain, keep camera powered off before removing lens and carefully clean with microfiber cloth. Replace lens.

Nothing happens when you try to zoom in on your subject.

The following scene modes do not allow zooming: portrait, night portrait, night landscape, easy panorama, or pet portrait. Select a different mode to re-enable zoom.

Digital zoom cannot be used when subject tracking is selected. Use the shooting menu to turn off subject tracking.

Sand or grit may be inhibiting the lens extension mechanism. Carefully apply compressed air to side of the lens to remove the particles.

If particles remain, try removing the zoom piece using the Nikon Coolpix L830 Shutter Button Replacement Guide.

The flash will not fire when taking a photo.

Turn the flash on. To do this press the flash pop-up button. Press the multi-selector button. Select the desired flash setting and press the OK button.

The flash will only work in the following modes: Auto, Auto with red-eye reduction, fill flash, and slow sync. To select one of these modes, press the flash pop-up button. Choose the desired flash mode using the multi-selector arrow buttons. Press the OK button.

The flash bulb may be out or broken. Replace the bulb.


Any idea what would cause the L830 to not record audio when using the video feature?

April J. - Reply

Anyone know why it freezes when I try to take a video? I have to open battery case to get it to turn off when this happens...

Tim Rhodes - Reply

When i try to record a video,the device turned off,then the battery will low power,i already tried to replacing with the new one,but it still happen,any idea how to fix it?

Ahmad thoriq - Reply

The focus is permanently jacked. The suggestion of how to fix it seems idiotic.

Jeff - Reply

I can see the icons on the Coolpix L830 screen but it will show any pictures. The shutter appears to work correctly and the delete works OK but no pics are visible. I can access the menus and all the options just fine and it indicates the RECORD is working, but shows nothing on the LCD screen…(on the icons and menu…. help…..!

Patrick 007

Patrick Higgins - Reply

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