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Nikon Coolpix L26 Troubleshooting

The Nikon L26 was released in February 2012 and is part of an L series for the Nikon company. Many common problems that come up for the camera include low battery life and the camera not turning on. Use this troubleshooting page to help you figure out these problems and more.

When pushing the power button, camera does not turn on

Remove the batteries from the battery compartment and insert new batteries.

The motherboard runs the operation of the camera. It may have been damaged by dropping or other factors.

With little or no warning, camera turns off unexpectedly

Remove the batteries from the battery compartment and reinsert them.

Cold temperatures decreases battery performance and may not function correctly. Keep an alternate set of batteries warm and switch between two sets when operating your camera.

Sudden changes in temperature may damage a camera. If the camera or the batteries are too cold, the camera may not be working properly because of condensation. You can prevent condensation by keeping your camera in a case or plastic bag before exposing it to sudden temperature changes.

Lens will not open

Remove the batteries from the battery compartment and insert new batteries.

Motherboard problems can effect the battery life. The motherboard is malfunctioning or damaged.

Lens will not extend to take pictures

Press the power button to turn off the camera and press it again to turn it on.

Using a thin piece of paper, gently remove any obstructions by sliding it into the different levels of the lens.

You may have a faulty lens that need to be replaced.

When taking pictures, the flash does not occur

Turn on flash by first checking the setting for the camera, including the settings for the flash mode. Make sure the flash option is turned on.

Scene mode with which the flash does not fire is selected. To disable scene mode, enter shooting mode and press the shooting mode button.

Blink proof mode disables the flash. To turn off blink proof, select smart portrait mode. Then select the Menu button, then the smart portrait mode tab, then blink proof. Disable blink proof.

The bulb may be burnt out or broken. The only solution is to replace the bulb.

LCD won’t turn on or only partially turns on

Remove the batteries from the battery compartment and insert new batteries.

Press the power switch, then the shutter release button, the camera button, or the movie record button.

Replace the LCD screen with the help of our guide.

Pictures are unclear

To use electronic VR or motion detection, press the menu button, select the setup tab and enable either mode using the arrow buttons on the camera and pressing the OK button.

Clean the lens with a microfiber cloth and lens-cleaning solution.

Motherboard problems can effect the quality of photos. The motherboard is malfunctioning or damaged.

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Nikon cool pix L27 is turn on but suddenly it turn off, I put new battries but it is not working .What is the exact issue.

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