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Nerf N-Strike Deploy CS-6 Troubleshooting

The Nerf N-Strike Deploy CS-6 was released in 2006 and was discontinued in 2010. This Nerf blaster features a clip, flashlight, pump action, and a handle and strap for easy carrying.

The blaster will not fire any darts.

The Nerf N-Strike Deploy CS-6 requires clip darts, which are specially designed for Nerf guns that use clips. If you are using any other darts, they may jam and the gun will not fire.

If a bullet is bent, it has a higher chance of getting stuck in the clip or in the barrel. Darts other than “clip darts” are also more likely to bend and get stuck. Make sure you are using the correct darts and if they are bent, use new ones.

The dart tooth ensures that the darts are loaded into the barrel. If it is broken or missing, the gun will not fire, and you will need to replace the dart tooth.

If the spring is missing or broken, the Nerf gun will not be able to prime, fire or load the darts into the plunger. You will then need to replace the spring.

There are no batteries in the Nerf Gun

The Nerf N-Strike Deploy CS-6 does not come with batteries. Without batteries you cannot use the flashlight. It requires three 1.5V AAA which you will have to place in the gun.

If the batteries are dead the flashlight will not work, so you will have to replace the batteries.

If one or two or all three of the batteries do not work properly, the flashlight may not work or may only work for short periods of time. To fix this, replace the batteries.

The clip dock is stuck and will not switch modes

The Nerf gun cannot fire in Stealth Mode. Stealth Mode is when the clip dock is pointed up, blocking the scope. To get out of Stealth Mode, press the orange Deploy Button on the top of the Nerf Gun, which should convert most of the gun into Blaster Mode. Once the gun is deployed, turn the clip dock to the side, taking it out of Stealth Mode.

Blaster Mode is when the clip dock is pointed to the side, allowing you to look through the scope and fire. If you want to be sneaky in Stealth Mode, first turn the clip dock upwards, then just simply press the Stealth Mode Button and slide the Stock closed until it clicks.

The flashlight will not turn on, even though the switch says ‘on’.

Check to make sure the switch for the flashlight is turned on. If the flashlight still will not turn on, the batteries may be faulty or dead. If you replace the batteries and the flashlight still won’t turn on, you may have to replace the lightbulb.

If the batteries are replaced and the flashlight still won’t turn on, the lightbulb may be broken and needs to be replaced. The lens may also be damaged and obscure the light when turned on.

The darts are not being loaded into the barrel for firing.

If a dart tooth is somehow broken, it will not be able to fire, and will need to be replaced.

The dart tooth is essential for the Nerf blaster. If the gun came without a dart tooth, or if it has been removed for some reason, it will need to be replaced.


I'm xtremely confused my CS 6 is not working it's as if it has a dart in but there is not one and it won't fire

Ethan Patterson - Reply

Can someone please help me my deploy CS 6 acts like it has a dart in it but it does not and it won't

Ethan Patterson - Reply

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