Nerf Alpha Trooper CS-18 Troubleshooting

The Nerf Alpha Trooper C-18 is a clip system Nerf blaster that was created under the N-strike series, released in 2010. This Nerf gun is lightweight with an 18-dart drum magazine.

The trigger is pulled and nothing happens  ¶ 

The trigger does not feel tight when pulled or is stuck and won't move

Broken Firing Spring ¶ 

Reload the device and pull the trigger. If the problem continues, you may need to replace the firing spring.

This spring sets behind the trigger and pushes the trigger back into the primed position after a shot has been fired. If this spring is broken, the trigger will fail to return to the ready position. If this is your issue, check out this guide!

Magazine Was Not Inserted Correctly ¶ 

Remove and reinsert the magazine. If problem persists, manually load a single dart and retry. If a single dart fires then check your magazine for defects.

Jammed Dart ¶ 

If a dart appears to be jammed, attempt to remove the dart through the sliding access gate on top of the device. If you cannot reach the dart, attempt to insert something down the barrel of the device to force the jammed dart out.

Plunger won't move when preparing device for firing  ¶ 

Stuck Device Plunger ¶ 

If the gun has already been loaded, just pull the trigger. If problem continues, see if the plunger is caught on something. Your device could be defective.

Prime Issues ¶ 

The gun is not unlocking after firing. Try removing the bolt lock and test the device. If you don't have to hold the pump grip forward to fire reliably, leave it out.

Jamming problems  ¶ 

Your garage band is the only thing that should be jamming, lets fix your nerf gun!

Foregrip Jammed (in Forward Position) ¶ 

The piston may be out of alignment. You may have to realign.

Stuck Handle/Grip ¶ 

Pull the grip back as far as possible. Continue to pull the grip back until you hear a "click" noise.

Trigger is Jammed  ¶ 

The slide placement could be incorrect. Ensure the slide is completely pushed forward in order for the trigger to release. If the problem is still occurring, the device could have a broken spring. You may have an issue with the spring that operates the trigger. Check out the directionsin this guide to replace the part.

Magazine will not eject  ¶ 

Mag Release Malfunction ¶ 

Try pulling the small orange button below the trigger guard and right behind the magazine.

This button is the magazine release and should allow the magazine to fall out. If you have tried this a few times and it still will not work we may need to fix your magazine release mechanism.

Slide is Not in Locked Position ¶ 

Ensure the slide is completely pulled back in order for the magazine to release.

The Nerf Alpha Trooper C-18 is engineered to not let the magazine eject while the the gun's breech is not full open (slide pulled back). This ensures that when the slide is inserted the gun will immediately accept a new dart and be ready to fire.

Darts not fitting barrel correctly  ¶ 

Wrong Type of Dart Used ¶ 

For the Nerf Alpha Trooper CS-18, the streamline darts are needed. Micro darts, suction cup darts, and Velcro darts will not work in this device.

Make sure your darts look like this **********

Darts Age and Become Misshaped ¶ 

As darts age they won't fit in the barrels as well as they used to. Either replace the darts or you can also to try a pseudo pressure test to make sure something else isn't damaged.

The Nerf Alpha Trooper C-18 barrel is engineered to fit a new dart perfectly; this ensures that no pressure escapes the barrel around the dart which = longer range and greater accuracy! Warped darts will mess up this delicate balance.


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