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Neato XV-21 Troubleshooting

A self moving and programmable vacuum that is specifically designed for pet hair and dander.

Your robot has problems with running into walls, furniture or its surroundings

If your lights are too low the robot can get "lost" and may not be able to properly see their surroundings.

To test this try to turn up the light when the vacuum is running.

If there are mirrors, glass or other shiny/metallic objects within the line of sight of the robot the lasers may not be reflecting properly and the robot may not be able to see what is in front of it.

To test this move these objects out of the line of sight, but if these objects are permanent, like a glass door, cover the objects with a matte

Your Neato XV-21 is only powering on for a short amount of time, or not at all.

If the robot does not turn on at all, then charging the batteries by placing the robot on its charge base might be the solution.

If the robot only powers on for a short amount of time, new batteries could be the solution. Buying a battery replacement kit for Neato XV series robots might be required.

If the robot is new and it does not turn on, or if the software was recently updated battery recalibration will be necessary. It will also be necessary if the batteries were just replaced. Also, if your robot’s runtime is low, and it dies mid-clean, try recalibrating the battery.

Your device is saying "Press okay to restart". This could be because of a malfunction with ventilation fan.

Upon powering up the vacuum, you don’t hear nor see the vent fan running. One major operation that must be done is proper filter placement. Placing the filter into the device incorrectly can block airflow; preventing the fan from blowing completely throughout the vacuum the way it should.

Another thing you’d check is the vent in the back of the robot ensuring that the vent is clear from dust. If you vent is full of dust then it may seem like your fan isn’t working properly or at all, but this may not be the case. A simple cleaning of the Neato ‘s vent will ensure you get the proper airflow intended by the manufacturer.

Your Neato XV-21 won't recognize or connect to its power station.

Check both the vacuum sensors and charging sensors to ensure that they are clean of debri. If anything is slightly blocking the line of connection, it may fail causing the vacuum not to charge.

The charging device and vacuum must have a flat surface to charge on. If the charging station or vacuum is not aligned properly with the sensors it will not connect. Try moving the vacuum to a more level surface such as wood or tile flooring instead of carpet. If you do not have a true level surface, try laying a piece of plywood underneath the devices.

If you are still having issues with your Neato XV-21 connection to its charging station, the next step would be to take it apart. The wiring and sensoring system may have a short, requiring rewiring to the system.


My robot starts running then it stops what is the problem

Jerry Wall - Reply

Neato xv-21 My Robot well startup then it will run for a little bit then it will stop what is the problem

Jerry Wall - Reply

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