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Student-Contributed Wiki

An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

Screen is Frozen ¶ 

I am experiencing issues with screen functionality

Faulty Battery ¶ 

If the wireless connection is not the problem with viewing images, then there might be a problem with the battery. First, try holding volume button and power to restart the device, if this does not solve the problem, then make sure the battery is fully charged and there are no issues with your charger (see troubleshooting for charging issues). Lastly, if all else fails you may have to replace the battery.

Replace the Screen ¶ 

If the wireless connection if fine and the battery is charged and functional then you will have to replace the screen. Please refer to the screen replacement guide.

Screen is Cracked or Bubbled ¶ 

I am experiencing issues with my screen that impair visibility

Screen Has Been Damaged ¶ 

Screen bubbling can be remedied by pushing the bubbles out with a credit card or your finger.

If the screen is cracked or has bubbling underneath the surface that is too extreme for you to be able to read or use apps then you will most likely have to remove and replace the screen. Please refer to this screen removal guide.

Tablet Will Not Charge ¶ 

I am having problems charging my tablet

Faulty Charger ¶ 

If you are having trouble charging your tablet there may be issues with the actual charger. First, make sure that the USB is properly connected to the power port and that the port is properly connected to the power outlet. If there are no connection issues then there may be a problem with your charger and you may have to replace it. You can refer to this video for help replacing the charger port.

Faulty Battery ¶ 

Lastly, if you have replaced the charger and charging issues persist you may have to take the battery out and put it back in again, or replace the battery all together. Please refer to the battery removal guide.

Tablet Loses Charge Quickly ¶ 

My tablet charges but loses that charge more quickly than normal

Faulty Battery ¶ 

If your device charges without issue but seems to lose its charge too quickly, then there may be issues with your battery. Please refer to the battery removal guide to take the battery out and put it back in, or replace it all together. You will most likely need a new battery in this case. Also refer to the Fixya page for additional help.

Camera Takes Blurry Photographs ¶ 

I am experiencing issues with picture clarity

Dirty Lens ¶ 

First, make sure that the lens of the camera is clean and there are no smudges or fingerprints obstructing the camera's ability to take clear and efficient photos.

Setting Issues ¶ 

If the camera lens has been properly cleaned and there is still a problem with the photos then make sure that the camera is not having issues focusing- i.e if there is a lot of movement in the photo you are trying to take, you are trying to take a photo of something too far away etc.

No Sound Coming From the Device/ Headphones ¶ 

I am having issues with the sound coming from the speakers or through headphones

Faulty Connection ¶ 

If the headset is plugged into the device, the speaker automatically shuts off. Disconnect the headset to check if sound works. To test if your speakers are fully functioning, go to the Music player and while the music plays, move the volume completely up by pressing the Volume + Button.

Faulty Headphone Jack ¶ 

If you are having issues with connecting your headphones or the sound coming from the headphones is distorted there may be an issue with your headphone jack. First, try to insert the headphones into the jack rapidly to unstick the jack. If this does not work you may have to remove and replace the jack. Additionally, there are Apps that help in-app sound

Issue Updating Device ¶ 

Update kept freezing the tablet

Problems with the Operating System ¶ 

If you are having issues updating the device and it freezes, remove the battery and put it back in and power it on. The device should be unfrozen after it reboots. If problems persist, it means that even if you do a hard reset it will not work due to the Operating System itself not working correctly. What you can do best is bring the tablet to the nearest service center so they can check the device.

Data Erasure after Updates and Reboots ¶ 

Update erased all of my apps!

To Recover Apps ¶ 

If after the update, the data and apps were deleted there is a way to recover the information. It is possible to recover lost or deleted files from the internal storage of the Nabi 2S assuming the phone or tablet is operational and you can set it in to Debugging mode.

Here's how:

You need to change the Android settings on the phone or tablet.

Go to: Settings > Applications > Development > USB Debugging, and turn it on. (Options may vary slightly based on device and Android version.)

Connect your phone/tablet to your PC via a USB cable.

Then, on the device, pull down the status bar and select USB connected.

A screen will appear in which you need to select the button which reads

Connect storage to PC.

If you do not see this option, reconnect the USB cable and try again.

Windows will load drivers for the device which may take a minute, after which, it will be detected as Removable memory with an assigned drive letter.

You can now launch Active@ File Recovery software. The storage media will be recognized as another drive on your system which you can scan for lost or deleted files.

NOTE: When recovery is complete, the device should be safely removed from Windows (Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media) and USB Debugging mode should be turned OFF on the phone.

Refer to device page for more information on the device


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