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Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube Troubleshooting

The Mozart Magic Cube, Serial Number: 3528203101, Model Number 03101, is the 2008-2012 version of the musical baby toy by Munchkin Inc.

Toy will not light up and play music.

Make sure the power switch on the white panel above the yellow violin block is set to the “On” position.

If the toy will not turn on with the power switch set to “On”, check to make sure the batteries aren’t drained/dead.

If the toy has fresh batteries and the power switch is set to the “On” position, the power switch may be broken.

If the toy has fresh batteries and the power switch is working properly and set to the “On” position, the toy may have a motherboard issue.

The keys are either not pressing down completely or not moving back to their original conformation.

If the buttons are only pushing down on one side, and the toy is making the proper lights and sound there is no problem. The buttons are only intended to compress on one side like a hinge.

If you push a button and it will not move to its original position, switch the on/off switch on the yellow face of the cube to “Off”.You will need to replace the button spring.

There are visible parts of the toy that are damaged or broken

If the corner pads are cracked or completely removed from the toy, you will need to replace the corner pad.

If the battery door is cracked or completely broken, you will need to replace the battery door.

The speakers are either not loud enough or not playing.

If the speakers are not working, check that the On/Off switch on the top of the yellow violin face is switched to the “On” position.

If the speakers are not working properly when the battery is switched “On”. Replace the batteries. Sometimes nearly or fully depleted batteries affect sound quality or volume.

If the speakers are still malfunctioning you are going to need to replace the speakers.

If the speakers are still not working after turning the toy on, changing the batteries, and changing the speakers, by process of elimination the motherboard is faulty and must be replaced.

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i am in the Philippines. where can i have my childs magic cube repaired? It stayed in the closet for e few years without any battery installed. I wanted to use it for another child but it wont start or play even with fresh batteries... pls help me

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