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Motorola SLVR L9 Troubleshooting

The Motorola SLVR L9 is a cellular device released by Motorola in 2007. It has since been discontinued.

Cellular device will not power up, or stay on.

Make sure that your phone battery is charged. Plug the mini USB charging wire into the USB charging port. The screen will light up when charging. Wait until the battery is fully charged, then try to power the device up again.

If your phone is not charging, then make sure that the battery is aligned properly. Please make sure that your phone is unplugged from any electrical sockets, power sources, etc. before removing the battery. The Battery Replacement Guide will provide information on how to properly place the battery into your phone.

Water damage is another reason why your phone may not power on. This can occur when water has gotten through the device’s back cover, or through areas on the phone such as the speakers, charging ports, etc. To check for water damage, remove your battery from the phone. After the battery has been removed, check the white, circular sticker that the battery was laying on. If the circle is pink, the phone has been exposed to water. If there is no water damage, the circle will be white. There are three solutions for water damage. First, remove the phone’s battery, and let it dry out overnight. Next, you can try and place your phone in a bag of rice overnight. Make sure that your phone is completely covered in rice. If this does not work then you will need to replace your phone.

If your phone will not power on, it could be due to a faulty power button. Make sure that you hold the power button down for at least five seconds. If the phone still doesn’t turn on, then the keyboard might need to be replaced. Please refer to the Keyboard Replacement Guide.

The battery will not charge even after plugging it in.

Using your phone for extended periods of time, not properly charging your phone, and other occurrences can damage and wear down your phone's battery. If your phone will not turn on, or you notice your phone will not keep its charge as long as when you first purchased it, then the battery might need to be replaced. Please refer to our battery replacement guide for instructions on how to replace your phone battery.

If the battery is not the issue, then it could be the phone’s internal charge. To check the internal charge you must first remove the battery from your phone. Next, plug the device into an external source (for example, a computer), and see if a blue LED light is lighting up the phone’s screen. If the LED turns off when the battery has been removed, then the internal charge of the phone is the issue. If this is the case, your phone will need to be replaced.

The photos taken with the device are fuzzy, unclear, or distorted.

If your photos are fuzzy, unclear, or distorted, then check for smudges, fingerprints, dirt, etc. covering the outer part of the lens. Use a cleaning cloth and/or a lens/glass cleaner to carefully wipe the camera lens.

If you have cleaned the lens and still have unclear photos, then the lens itself could be scratched. If so, the next step would be to replace the lens. Please refer to our Camera Lens Replacement Guide for more information on how to replace this.


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