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Motorola Moto G5 Troubleshooting

Released in March 2017

The phone does not vibrate when I receive notifications.

Your phone may be set not to vibrate. To fix this issue, go to the settings menu, and make sure vibrate is set to ‘on’.

The vibrator inside your phone may be dysfunctional. If you are unable to fix the vibrator in the settings menu, you may have to replace your phone’s vibrator. Visit the replacement page for the vibrator.

The phone doesn't respond right away when I swipe or tap.

Your phone may be running out of processing power because too many applications are running in the background. Try uninstalling apps that you don’t use or simply restart your phone.

Your phone’s storage may be full of applications, images, and other junk. This can cause your device to respond slower. Try freeing up space on your device by deleting things you don’t need or install a micro SD card to increase your device’s storage.

This isn’t an iPhone, so updating your operating system won’t make your phone slower. In fact, updating your phone can help to optimize your phone performance and give you a much needed increase in speed.

An old and faulty battery can throttle your processor, resulting in reduced speed. This may be the case if you've had your device for a while and the above fixes did not work. Visit the replacement page for replacing the battery.

My phone frequently will not turn on when I press the power button. When I turn on my phone, it will shut off faster than normal.

When charging the phone, it’s possible that the USB charging it is faulty and isn’t properly charging the phone. You could purchase a replacement charging cord.

If the phone has been charged up to at least 25% and still turns off after unplugging it, it is possible that your phone needs a replacement battery. You can replace your battery using this comprehensive guide here.

When playing music or calling someone on speakerphone, the audio is distorted or doesn’t make any noise

If your phone does not play any sound, try increasing the volume level using the volume control on the side of your phone or by accessing the sound settings in the settings menu.

The pictures you take are coming out blurry or otherwise distorted

(Applicable to both front and rear camera) If your pictures are blurry it’s possible the camera needs to be cleaned. Wipe down the blurry camera with a microfiber cloth and alcohol before testing it out. If the pictures are still blurry remove the cover of the phone and wipe the inside of the cover that goes in front of the camera.

If your pictures still appear blurry after cleaning your camera, the actual camera piece may have a crack in the lens or could be faulty. You can replace your camera piece in the front here and in the back here.


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