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Student-Contributed Wiki

Student-Contributed Wiki

An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

Monster Soundstage S2 Troubleshooting

Released in fall of 2015, can be identified by model number MSP SSTG S2 SM WW.

Speaker Won't Connect to Phone

The device is not connecting to source and will not play music.

Aux Cord Port Damaged

The Monster Soundstage S2 can receive audio through both the 3.5mm AUX and micro-USB ports. If problems exist, try using a different cable. If problems still continue, attempt using one of the alternate ports. If the ports fail, you can attempt to use an alternate connection type (Wi-Fi or Bluetooth).

Wi-Fi May Not be On

If the Monster Soundstage S2 is having trouble connecting to Wi-Fi, ensure that the device is in range. If there are problems with the connection, try to move the Monster Soundstage S2 to another location. If problems continue, check the Wi-Fi connection to ensure that it maintains a constant connection with the connected devices.

Bluetooth Dongle Required

The Monster Soundstage S2 requires the use of a USB dongle in order to stream through bluetooth. Ensure that you have the dongle plugged in; if it still does not work, consider trying a new dongle. If the problem persists, the USB port is faulty and must be replaced.

Sound Quality is Distorted

The device has errors in sound quality.

Too Close to Speaker

The Soundstage S2 is a device that is meant to project sound to an entire room. Move the device to an area in which it is not too close to the user(s). If there is issues with the sound after moving the device, you may have to replace the speakers. See speaker replacement guide for instruction.

Too Far From Speaker

If problems occur in sound quality even at range, the speakers may be damaged. See replacement guide to instruction on replacing the speakers. Check to see if speakers are being blocked by an object.

Speaker Does Not Connect to App

The device has issues in relation to the app.

Failure to Sync with App

If the device does not sync with the app, there may be problems with the app. See App Does Not Work Section. The device may have trouble connecting using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Check connections to ensure they are working.

App Does Not Work

If the app does not work, ensure that the application is updated. Other problems with the app belongs to problems with the device the application is on. Check guide for your device.

Speaker Fails to Play When It is Too Hot or Too Cold

The device fails to work after being exposed to Heat or Cold.

Device Won't Work in the Sun

Always place your speaker in a location that is not directly hit by sunlight or located in extreme humidity. Heat can damage the speaker and either lower the sound quality or cause the speaker to stop working entirely in extreme cases. If the the device fails to respond after exposure to heat, consider replacing the speakers. Check speaker replacement guide.

Speaker Won't Work in Cold or Moist Areas

Cold environments can damage the device through the building up of moisture. Make sure device is kept in a temperate environment. If speakers are damaged, see speaker replacement guide.

Device Won't Power On

Device fails to turn on due to power source.

Adapter Is Damaged

The Monster Soundstage S2 is not battery powered and requires a 100-240V AC power adapter to function. Make sure your adapter is plugged in properly to both the outlet and device.

Outlet Does Not Work

Problems may occur due to a faulty power outlet. Use a voltmeter to test outlet voltage (should be 105-125V). If the problem continues, try a different outlet.


We bought a s2

But only one speaker is working ?

Is it a defective unit or an I doing something wrong?

Josh - Reply

I have the soundstage s2,when you turn the power on it won’t stop blinking will never power oncompletely. Wtf is only worked a couple times before it stopped completely

Terrance Palmer - Reply

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