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Student-Contributed Wiki

Student-Contributed Wiki

An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

Speaker will not play music from my phone

Speaker will not connect to iPod/phone through the Monster Soundstage app, bluetooth, or WiFi.

Too far from speaker

The iPod/phone might not be close enough to the speaker's sensing range. Bring iPod/phone closer to speaker. Reconnect if the speaker was disconnected from device.

Speaker is on the wrong mode

The speaker might be on WiFi mode when you are trying to connect to Bluetooth or vice versa. Press the “circle” sensor on top of speaker until desired mode of connectivity is selected.

Bluetooth/WiFi is off

The speaker is on the correct mode but your Wifi/Bluetooth may be off. Go into your phone settings to turn on Bluetooth/Wifi setting. Select SOUNDSTAGES1 to connect via Bluetooth.

Touch sensors do not work

Sensors are not responding to touch.

Top of sensors are dirty

The sensors cannot sense your touch through dirt/oil. Clean top of sensors with a slightly damp rag/towel to remove excess oil and dirt that may be blocking your hand and sensors.

Sensors are not sensitive to touch

The sensors may not be able to sense light pressure. Try pressing with more force or for a longer period of time.

Buzzing noise comes from speaker

There is a buzzing or low quality sound when playing music.

Volume is turned down on the speaker/phone

The volume on your phone or speaker may be turned down. Increase the volume on your phone and lower volume on the speaker. Or lower volume on the speaker and increase the volume on your phone. This brings a louder result.

Not all music platforms play through Monster Soundstage app

Monster SoundStage app will not play music unless it is saved to my phone.

External apps using WiFi do not work through Monster SoundStage app

Due to the speaker's difficulties with WiFi connectivity, external music apps that require WiFi may not work. Only music downloaded onto your phone that do not need WiFi will play. If you do not have music saved to your phone, you can play music through external apps (Spotify, Pandora, etc.) through Bluetooth.


bluetooth does not connect or drops connection in 3-5 minutes, it is annoying

Iuli Dercaci - Reply

My soundstage3 only plays thru aux and sensor will not turn on

J Cast - Reply

My soundstage3 speaker only plays aux and and it 2ill not turn on sensors

J Cast - Reply

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