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Modal MD-SPBT01 Troubleshooting

Wireless Bluetooth speaker released November, 2014.

No matter what you do, you can't get your speaker to turn on.

Before going in depth into your speaker, make sure the power switch is in the “on” position.

If your speaker will not turn on, there is a chance the battery is drained. The speaker must be hooked up to power using the USB charging cable.

If your USB charging cable will not fit into the charging port, make sure you have grabbed the correct charger that was provided with the speaker. Having an incompatible charger will not supply power to the device, thus causing the speaker to not turn on.

You cannot hear any sound coming out of the speaker when a Bluetooth connection has been made.

Be sure to determine that the volume is up by pressing the + volume button.

Check the volume on the device you have connected with Bluetooth to be sure the sound is adjusted. The two devices tend to have independent volume levels.

Keep the speaker upright. The speaker has a feature that if it is turned upside down, the sound will not play.

You cannot hear any sound coming out of the speaker when an AUX IN cord is connected.

Be sure to determine that the volume is up by pressing the + volume button.

Double check to make sure the cord is firmly secured on both devices.

Disconnect from all Bluetooth devices as it will interfere with the AUX IN connection.

My device keeps unpairing.

Unpair both devices from each other to lose connections, and then re-pair devices to each other.

Have both devices closer to each other in range so the connection will be stronger.

Be sure that both devices are charged or connected to a power source for stronger Bluetooth connection.

When trying to connect a device via Bluetooth, it doesn’t connect to the speaker.

Make sure your phone or other device has the ability to connect to the speaker through Bluetooth. You can find out by going to the settings app from your device.

If you cannot get it to connect to Bluetooth, make sure the speaker is charged. Does the LED turn on when you switch the device to ON? If not, use the provided USB cord to charge the speaker.

Set the speaker to pairing mode. To do this press the button until the LED blinks red and white. Then make sure your Bluetooth device is also in paring mode, this can be found through the settings app in your Bluetooth device.

The Modal MD-SPBT01 has a range of 33 feet. Make sure the device you wish to connect is in the proper range.


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