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MID F900 Troubleshooting

The screen on your F900 tablet does not show anything and you know the device is powered on.

If the display has been chipped or cracked, it may cause the display to stop working properly. Please check out the screen replacement guide.

The wires connecting your display may have become loose or worn out. This could also cause a short in the wire. You will need to open the device and check behind the screen to ensure all necessary wires are connected and in good condition. To open up the device, you can follow this guide.

The device may or may not turn on at all. If it does turn on, it will turn off after only a short time after being unplugged.

If the battery on your device is not staying charged for very long, this will cause the device to turn off by itself. In this case, the battery may need replacing. To replace the battery, you can follow these steps to replace it.

The USB cable or power adapter may not be working properly. Try charging through USB cable and if that does not work, try using the power adapter. If one method does not work, that cable or adapter is likely bad. If neither method of charging works, it is more likely that the battery is at fault, in which case you can follow the previous step for replacing the battery.

You have trouble connecting to the Internet or performing online activities.

To enable the WiFi, go to Settings -> WiFi -> Enable and connect to a wireless connection.

Make sure other devices are connected well to your router and make sure it is within a close range to your device.

If the first two solutions do not resolve the problem, the WiFi adapter may need to be replaced. Follow our guide for replacing the WiFi adapter.

Your voice or other audio is very low or silent when played back.

(Android Version 6.0 and up only)

First, check what version of Android you are currently running. Do this by going to Settings -> System -> About Device -> Android Version.

On newer versions of Android, apps are required to request permission to access your microphone. After opening an app that uses the microphone, a pop-up should be visible on your screen requesting access to the microphone. Press "Allow" on this window. If this pop-up does not occur, go to Settings -> Application Manager -> [App Name] -> Permissions and make sure the microphone permission is enabled.

Check the device to make sure there is nothing blocking the microphone hole. This may degrade the quality of the microphone and cause it to sound muffled and low.

The microphone may be worn out and need replacing. You can follow this guide to replace it.

Apps on your F900 device may be running excessively slow or not working at all.

Check to make sure the app you are trying to use on your device is supported by the developer. To do this, go to the Google Play Store app and navigate to the app's page. Read the description and information to find what Android version is required. You can then go to Settings -> System -> About Device -> Android Version to locate your device's version.

After awhile of normal use, the Android operating system may naturally become slower as apps are installed. In this case, the operating system may need to be reset to refresh the device to full working standards. This will wipe all existing apps on the device currently, so be sure to make a backup. To make a backup of your device, go to Settings -> Personal -> Backup and Reset and make sure "Back up my data" is set to "On." After ensuring your device is backed up, perform the factory reset by going to Settings -> Personal -> Backup and Reset -> Restore Factory Settings and following the on-screen instructions.

It may be a hardware issue or problem with the electronics inside the device. In this case the motherboard may need replacing. Follow our guide for replacing the motherboard.


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