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Student-Contributed Wiki

An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

You want to remove the back cover to get to the internals, but you are having a hard time removing it.

Insert a flathead tool into the small gap between the case and the back cover and slide the tool along the gap to open and remove the cover. There’s an adhesive along the sides that hold the cover in place. There will be some slight cracking sounds as this adhesive will be broken.

You plug a device into the USB port and it is not recognized.

Dust is a common cause for electronics not working. In order for the device to work, there must not be any dust between the connectors in the port and the cable. Check the port to make sure that there is no dust inside. If there is dust, try blowing into the port and into your device’s connector.

Sometimes, computers have trouble reading what is plugged into them from being on for too long, an error occurring during startup, or an error during use. First, check to see if it is just that specific port or all ports by plugging the cable into a different port. If this does not fix the issue, restart the computer and retry the connection.

Your computer may have a hard time recognizing your USB device if the port itself is loose and moving around. You’ll need to open up the computer and make sure that the ports are securely in place.

If none of these options work, the internal wiring may be broken. Open up the computer and check that the wiring and connections are correct. You can replace the USB port by looking at this guide.

You try to detach the screen from the keyboard, but you cannot remove it.

The screen will not detach from the keyboard if it’s low on power. Make sure that the is charged to at least 10% before trying to detach the screen.

If the button on the computer itself doesn’t work, try using the detach button on the computer’s taskbar. Wait at least ten seconds before trying to detach the screen.

If none of these work, the computer may need to be restarted before the screen can be detached. Restart the computer, then try the options listed above.

You try to move the cursor, but the trackpad is unresponsive.

Make sure trackpad has not been turned off. If it is on and still not working, try turning the trackpad off then on.

If turning the trackpad off and on does not work, try restarting the computer. If it does still not work, try toggling the trackpad’s on/off switch again.

If turning the trackpad and computer off and on doesn’t work, the internal wiring may be broken. Open up the computer and check that the wiring and connections are correct.

You touch the computer and it is very hot, also the computer may be making weird clicking noises.

If you have the computer placed on your lap, a blanket, something loose etc. the computer vents can become covered. This prevents good airflow, resulting in the computer getting very hot. Make sure that there’s plenty of airspace around the computer.

Chances are you are running some computer intensive programs in the background. Try killing some of the programs by heading into the task manager. You can do so by pressing the control + shift + escape keys together, or right clicking on the taskbar and selecting "Task Manager"

If the computer remains hot and/or you’re hearing clicking noises, chances are that the fan is broken. You’ll need to buy a new fan and replace the broken one. You can replace the broken one by looking at this guide.


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