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MSI GT72 2QE Dominator Pro Troubleshooting

This troubleshooting page will help you with some problems that you might be facing with the GT72 2QE Dominator Pro.

The computer is not detecting the GTX 980M graphics card that is installed in the computer.

It is possible that a different graphics card is selected. IYou can check which graphics card is selected by going into the BIOS. The BIOS is how to access and test system components. To check go to the BIOS by pressing the DEL/delete key during the very beginning of laptop startup. Once in the BIOS look under the graphics mode, there should be an option to switch between the graphics cards.

If switching the graphics card from the BIOS does not work and the GPU button that is able to switch between graphics cards does not work then you should try a new SCM (System Control Manager). From the MSI website, download the 'SCM' file which has a program that will also allow you to switch between the Intel graphics card and GTX 980M graphics card.

To download SCM go to this download page.

Disclaimer: The following are meant for Windows 10 but they should be compatible with Windows 8.

Even when the computer isn't running, the fans continue to run at full power or the computer overheats because the fans aren't cooling enough.

One reason the fans could be running at max power is that there is dust in the fan vent. The dust will block air flow causing the fans to work at max power in order to get adequate air flow. To remove dust carefully blow compressed air into the fan vents and on the fans.

If the fan controller on your laptop is not working properly there is a beta version of a fan control application for MSI laptops that can be downloaded through this forum link.

Disclaimer: There are minimum requirements that must be met to run the Silent Option.

Another option if the fan controller is still not working is to download Dragon Center from MSI. Dragon Center allows you to control and monitor system settings including computer temperature monitoring. It can be downloaded at this link.

Upon clicking on the link, select Win10 64 as your Operation System and then scroll down to the second Utility listed, titled "Dragon Center" and click the Download button.

On Windows 10 the computer freezes on the MSI Splash Screen when turned on.

The computer could be freezing due to a missing file. To check if this is the case restart the computer then run System File Checker scan to check if there are any currupted or missing files. In Windows search for System File Checker in the start menu. Open up and run the program.

Within Windows there is a Fast Start Up option which could be problematic. Select search from the start menu and then search "Power Buttons." Select, "Choose what the power button does."

Select "Change settings that are currently unavailable"- the shutdown settings will become available at the bottom.

De-select "Turn on fast startup"

Even when plugged in, battery continues to lose charge.

Battery failing to stay charged could be the result of multiple problems. A faulty charging cord, battery, or motherboard could all be problematic in this situation. It can be difficult to diagnose the exact issue, but carefully checking each component can help solve this problem.

First, try running the laptop with the battery removed, while keeping the charger in. You can remove the battery by following this guide. This will ensure that the problem doesn't stem from the charging cord. If the problem does not involve the charging cord, battery replacement will be necessary in order to ensure a working computer. If battery replacement doesn't work, replacement of the motherboard would be necessary.


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