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An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

MSI GE62 Apache Pro-004 Troubleshooting

This troubleshooting page will help you diagnose problems with the MSI GE62 Pro.

The keys on the keyboard won't respond

The keys on your keyboard won't respond or appear to be broken or missing. Replace the keys, if issue continues try to replace the whole keyboard. Click here for replacement video.

If the entire keyboard fails to respond, try replacing it with this guide.

When keys can't be pressed, there may be something below the physical key holding it up. To fix this, first try taking off the key itself using a prying tool, if key cannot be removed from the front of the device the back cover might have to be removed and the whole keyboard might have to be replaced. Heres a tutorial on how to replace the keyboard.

If keys on the keyboard are missing, replace them by contacting the MSI customer service department 1-626-271-1004

Not connecting to the Wifi.

Wifi is not connected or it is not working. First try using Windows troubleshooting, check the airplane mode is not on, if problem continues call the MSI support team. 1-626-581-1551

The wifi connection has limited access. First try disconnecting the wifi and reconnecting it. Also, make sure that the wifi access point is set to home instead of public. If it did not work you will need to reinstall the wireless driver after removing the old drive. Click here for a quick troubleshooting video.

The Wifi is not detecting access points. try the Windows troubleshooting steps, if it did not work try to reinstall the wireless driver after removing the old drive. Which can be downloaded from the MSI support website and a guide can be seen here

Display is not working.

If a user is experiencing an issue with the screen leaving lighter spots on a darker background then he/she can identify this as it has been a common issue due to the extremely high back lights of this computer. It appears that there is no solution for it as of now until IPS decides to improve the technology. You may have to contact the manufacturer at 1-626-271-1004

Distorted sounds, connectivity issues.

Internal microphone issue can be resolved by using an external microphone, if problem persists contact manufacturer to resolve issue.

Sound recording is suddenly muted while using Skype or online games chatting.

Please download and install Realtek Audio driver version from MSI GE62 2PC Apache. Before you install the new driver, please remove the old audio driver using Windows Control Panel. Click here to download driver.

Try unplugging the microphone and using a different one to see if problem persist, make sure the port is not obstructed by anything if issue continues, Uninstall the Realtek driver and use the Windows driver. Go to this link to download the Realtek driver.


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