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Logitech Harmony 900 Troubleshooting

This troubleshooting page will help you diagnose problems with the Logitech Harmony 900.

This issue occurs when the light on the cradle base comes on but the remote will not power on or if the screen does not show the battery charging icon.

A known issue with the Logitech Harmony 900 is battery swelling. This is when the battery expands in size and stops working properly. If you have a swollen battery it will need to be [invalid guide link].

A faulty charger may occur if the cable gets frayed or the wire is exposed. You can tell that the issue is a faulty charger if the light on the cradle base does not come on when plugged in. The charger may need to be replaced.

This issue occurs when the remote’s screen shows the battery is charging (remote still works) but the charge indicator on the cradle base does not light up.

If the white light on the cradle base is not lighting up when plugged in then it is most likely a broken LED. Consider replacing the LED light.

If the cradle base light still does not work after replacing the LED, then the issue is most likely a faulty wire attached to the LED light and can be fixed.

This issue occurs when the screen is frozen and showing up black or white.

The screen might turn black or white if you have recently done a software update and can be fixed.

A broken screen may occur if the remote is frequently dropped or banged. Dropping the remote may cause a hardware issue that is due to poor solder connections on the circuit board coming apart upon impact. This can be fixed using a procedure called solder reflow. Another issue may be a cracked/damaged screen which occurs when the glass appears fractured and/or splintered. The screen may need to be replaced.

This issue occurs when the device is unresponsive to touch.

The most likely caused of unresponsiveness to touch is a software issue. A software issue is caused by a communication failure between the device and the circuit board. This can usually be solved with a restart and an update.

Individual buttons may become stuck in a partially pressed position. To tell if a button is stuck, compare the sensitivity of the button press with other buttons. This issue can be fixed by massaging the defective button until it pops back into place. If the buttons are severely damaged, they can be replaced by following this guide.

If you have tried a restart and most of the buttons do not appear defective but the device still is not responding, you may have a broken button circuit board. This is most likely caused by dropping the device and can be replaced.

If all the above do not solve the issue, it is most likely an IR signal transmission problem. An IR signal transmission is the signal between the remote and the devices it is controlling.

The remote's touch screen stops responding to your touch.

If the remote's touch screen suddenly freezes during use then it is most likely a software issue. Consider restarting and updating the device.

This issue occurs when the remote fails to start despite being fully charged.

A firmware issue occurs from a short in the software that is embedded in the remote. Failure to turn on is most likely caused by the corrupted firmware. This can usually be solved by simply reapplying the firmware.

If you have tried reapplying the firmware and the device will still not boot, the issue is probably a poor motherboard connection. These connections are generally weak and can be broken by dropping the device. An easy solution to this problem is to place a shim to stabilize the board. To fix this issue, follow this guide.

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