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Student-Contributed Wiki

An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

Side Button does not Work ¶ 

The 12 programmable buttons on the mouse are inconsistent or unresponsive.

Update to the Latest Driver ¶ 

If all or some buttons do not respond, you might want to try and download the latest driver from Logitech.

Buttons are Missing or Broken ¶ 

If any of the programmable buttons are missing or broken consider replacing them using This Guide.

Buttons are Stuck in Place ¶ 

Clean the surrounding area of the buttons to clear any dirt or sticky substance that could inhibit the use of the button.

Mouse Fails to Charge or Turns Off When the Cable is Disconnected ¶ 

Your mouse stays on low battery warning or turns off after the full charge time.

Change the Battery ¶ 

Open the bottom plastic battery cover and replace existing battery to a new AA rechargeable battery.

=== Check if the Charging Cable Works===

Use the mouse without the battery installed and if the mouse doesn't turn on then you have a faulty USB charging cable.

Left and Right Mouse Buttons are Unresponsive ¶ 

Clicking the left or right buttons on your mouse does nothing.

Check if the Software is Programmed Properly ¶ 

Open up your Logitech gaming application and check that the two click buttons are properly programmed to the left and right click buttons. A full download for the gaming application is available at Logitech's official website.

Check for Debris ¶ 

Take apart of your mouse and dust off the contact points between the outer shell and the click receptors. To take your case apart properly, follow This Guide.

Replace Left and Right Switches ¶ 

If you’ve exhausted both of the options above, you might want to consider replacing the click receptors themselves. For and in-depth guide on replacing these parts follow This Guide.

Scroll Wheel not Responding ¶ 

Your scroll wheel does not work.

Faulty Scroll Wheel ¶ 

If the scroll wheel is not working, try replacing it with This Guide.

Wheel is Stuck in Place ¶ 

Try opening the mouse and cleaning out any debris that may be preventing the wheel from turning. Click Here for a guide on how to open and clean your mouse.

Mouse does not Glide Smoothly ¶ 

"When moving your mouse it feels rough and bumpy."

Mouse Needs to be clean ¶ 

Any dirt, dust or food that is around you could come in contact with the mouse check the underside and clean off the bottom with a alcohol wipe.

Mouse Needs New Skates ¶ 

After a long period of use the skates of the mouse which are the smooth black stickers on the bottom of your mouse start to come off. You may want to replace the mouse skates of your Logitiech G700s using This Guide.


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