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An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

Lexibook Junior Tablet Troubleshooting

Model number MFC270EN, released 2012.

Lexibook Junior Tablet Won't Turn On ¶ 

Pressing the power button will not turn the device on, no matter how long you charge it.

Power Button Faulty ¶ 

The power button may be pushed in permanently, broken, or have internal electronic issues. Try pressing hard repeatedly on the power button to loosen it if it is stuck.

Charger is Damaged ¶ 

Make sure the prongs that go into the outlet are straight and fit into the outlet easily. If the prongs are not straight, disconnect the charger from all electronics and the outlet, then use rubber gloves and bend the prongs back to a straight position. If this still does not work, check for damage on the charging cord, such as frayed or visible internal wires. If damaged, a new charger may be needed.

Charger Port on The Tablet is Broken ¶ 

Check if the charging port in the tablet is damaged or if the charger will not fit into the charging port. You can replace your charging port with this guide.

Battery Needs Replacement ¶ 

Check for corrosion on battery. If your tablet is older, a battery replacement may be necessary. You can replace your charging port with this guide.

Internal Circuitry Issues ¶ 

Look for damaged wires within internal circuitry. Corrosion on motherboard may lead to your tablet failing to turn on. In this case, return it to the vendor.

Audio Issues ¶ 

Headphone jacks or speakers do not work or audio is poor quality.

Headphone Jacks Faulty or Damaged ¶ 

If no audio is played when functional headphones are used, then one or both of the headphone jacks may be damaged or disconnected and need to be replaced. You can replace your headphone jacks with this guide.

Speaker Faulty or Damaged ¶ 

If the speakers do not play sound correctly they need to be replaced. You can replace your speakers with this guide.

Shattered Screen ¶ 

The screen is cracked or shattered from damage.

Screen Needs Replacement ¶ 

Screens that are cracked, missing pixels, or are damaged will need to be replaced.

Camera Issues ¶ 

Camera appears foggy or internally/externally cracked.

Camera Needs Replacement ¶ 

To solve camera issues where the picture appears black or is nonfunctional, you need to replace the camera. You can replace your speaker with this guide.

Software Problems ¶ 

Applications or device not working properly or showing a blank screen.

Software Needs Rebooting ¶ 

If the software is acting faulty or showing a white screen when turned on, try turning your device off and then turning it back on again. If issues persist, perform a hard restart by holding both the home and volume up button and then pressing the power button. Then, release the buttons, press the power button, volume up button, and volume down button one time each. If the software issues still persist, return the tablet to the vendor.

Motherboard Needs Replacing ¶ 

Software issues may result from issues with the motherboard in instance the reset does not work. You can replace your motherboard with this guide.


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