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Lenovo Tab 2 A7-20F Troubleshooting

Released in October 2015 and identified by model number A7-20F. This troubleshooting page will help you diagnose issues with the Lenovo Tab 2 A7-20F and provide appropriate solutions.

You have trouble listening to sounds on your computer.

It is possible that the charging cable has failed. The wires inside the charging cable might not connected. If available, try using another compatible charging cable. If that does not solve the problem then proceed to the next possibility.

Check the charging port for any debris that could have accumulated inside of it potentially insulating the charging cable from the phone not allowing electricity to flow. If this is the case use compressed air to blow out any debris and retry charging the device. If neither of these solutions addressed the problem continue to the final step.

Any liquid can damage the device preventing it from working by possibly corroding terminals or shorting them. Try cleaning the port with a lint free tissue to remove or loosen materials that should not be in the charging port, then blow it out with compressed air. Try charging the device once more. If no solutions have worked then the battery has likely failed and the battery should be replaced.

Battery Replacement

Motherboard Replacement

Tablet’s sound is distorted whether using headphone or speaker.

Make sure the tablets volume is on. Adjust the volume in sound settings or turn it up and down using the button on the right hand side of the device.

If the software in the tablet is not the most current version, this may cause some problems with the audio. Update to the newest version and restart the tablet after that.

If the audio port is dirty, the headphone jack might not be connected properly. Test the headphones with another device to make sure the headphones are not damaged. If they work with another device and the jack is clean, it is possible the audio jack is damaged and it should be replaced.

Broken speaker is one of the most common hardware issue resulting in distorted sound. If the mentioned solutions still cannot solve the problem then the speaker is likely defective. This may be solved by replacing the wires that are connected with the speaker or the speaker itself.

Motherboard Replacement

Photo quality is poor.

Please check to make sure that the camera lens is not covered by anything such as the case protector.

If pictures are blurry the camera lens might have dust on it or fingerprint smudges on it. Please use cleaning tool such as lens brush to wipe the dust out.

If the software in the tablet is not the most current version, this may cause some problems with the camera not working. Update to the newest version and restart the tablet after that.

If these solutions did not work, the camera may need to be replaced.

Camera Lens Removal

Display screen is unresponsive or frozen.

The screen can collect and build up dust very easily. You can try to clean up your screen by using cleaning tissues in order to improve the touch sensitivity.

The issue might be related to broken parts connected to the display. Try to replace the digitizer connected to the display and LCD.

Cracked Screen Replacement

Broken Digitizer Replacement

Slow response and frozen screen may be caused by full memory storage. Be sure to remove any unnecessary data (photos, videos, apps) in order to achieve smooth performance.

A lot of operating system issues can lead to unresponsive or frozen screen. Some of the possible solutions are checking for Android updates, resetting the device to factory settings.

The tablet cannot power on at all

Software glitches can cause the device to not work. Please try to do a factory reset or reinstall the operating system.

If assure that the device’s power is on, chances are the display screen is defective. At this point, screen replacement is necessary.

Before tearing into the device, try to charge your battery using different charger to make sure that your charger is not faulty. If this is still not working, your battery is probably dead and a battery replacement is necessary.

Battery Replacement

Spilled water or any other liquid into the tablet might affect to the motherboard inside the tablet and cause the tablet to shut off. If this is a case, motherboard replacement may be necessary.

Motherboard Replacement

To Factory Reset your device please follow these instructions. Make sure the device is turned off. Press and hold the volume up and power buttons for 10 seconds. When the Lenovo Logo appears on the screen release the buttons. A menu should appear on screen. Use the volume controls to select the factory reset and the power button to accept it. Tap the screen select yes to clear all data on the device. Finally use the power button to select the system reboot option.

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