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Lenovo Ideatab A1107 Troubleshooting

The Lenovo Ideatab A1107 is a 7-inch touch screen tablet that was released in the USA in 2012. The tablet comes equipped with a 3-megapixel camera, 0.5 GB RAM, and 16 GB of built-in storage.

Your screen is not responding to touch.

Due to the small size of the RAM, having multiple applications running can cause the device to freeze. The solution to unfreeze the screen is to turn the device off. Hold down the power button until the device powers off. Wait 5 seconds to turn the device back on. To turn the device back on, press the power button.

If the device will not turn off, you will need to manually reset the device. To do this, there is a small white reset button near the SD card. Using a pin or a paper clip, press the button and the device will turn off and reset.

If the screen on your device is cracked, broken, or obviously damaged in any way, replace the screen using the screen replacement guide.

The front camera will not take photos.

Check to see if the devices camera permission has been turned on. To do this, go into settings, select camera, then select "Allow access to camera".

If there is physical damage to the camera it is possible that photos you take will be blurry, parts of photos will be blacked out, or photos will be entirely black. Look closely at your camera and see if you can see any scratches or other obstructions. If there is physical damage to the camera, then replace the camera component using the camera replacement guide.

Your device will not connect to wi-fi.

Check your device’s settings to see if the wi-fi is turned on. If the wi-fi is not turned on, turn the wi-fi connection on by selecting wi-fi and selecting on.

If your wireless connection tends to go in and out, it could be due to a default setting on the device. When the device goes to sleep, the wi-fi shuts off while the device is not being used. This is the factory setting on the device. To change this, go into settings then select wi-fi, then select advanced, then select “Keep wi-fi on during sleep”.

Your device will not turn on when you press the power button.

To fix this problem, restart the device by holding down the power button for 6 seconds. If that doesn’t work, attempt “unbricking” the device. “Unbricking” is a process that involves resetting an android device to factory standards, and is often used when “rooting,” installing custom-made software, goes wrong. To learn how to unbrick your device, follow the link below to the Lenovo Ideapad A1107 Forum.

If your device still will not turn on, your battery may be in need of replacement. To do this, please visit the battery replacement guide.

Your device will not make sound.

Check to make sure there is no debris or lint in your audio jack. If there is, clean it out using a can of pressurized air. Cans of pressurized air are available at most tech stores.

Your device may think your headphones are still plugged in even though they are not. To check if this is the problem, plug in your headphones to check for sound on the headphones. Next, unplug the headphones and test to see if audio plays through the tablet’s speakers. If no sound occurs on the tablet’s speakers but does occur in headphones, go to settings and override the speaker in the control panel. To do this, go into control panel, select sound then select the audio device as default or enable it.


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