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An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

Start windows system and click setting. Click update and security. Then recovery and choose different options, then following corresponding on-screen instructions, then click on Get Started under reset this PC.too many programs are running at one time.

Computer died and/or a virus has took over your hard drive.

In order to do a hard reboot for your black screen, you must remove the battery and unplug the AC adapter. Press and hold the power button for 20 seconds, then try booting it up again.You must check on the AC adapter if it's not working properly, and in order to do it, you have to remove the battery and power up the laptop with just the AC adapter connected and watch if it will boot up or not. Which you also may try a different AC adapter that has the same voltage and see if it will work or not. If none of these worked out, please try to reset the RAM's by trying a different AC adapter and remove them all for seconds then put them back in again making sure everything is seated properly.

Last option to do if none of the previous instructions worked out please try to connect an external monitor and see if you'll get any display from it. If there's a display on the external monitor that indicate that the problem is the built-in display. However, if there's still no display on the exte.

If it doesn't turn on even on divider control with no battery, that focuses to a motherboard issue. On the off chance that the thing is in guarantee, contact Lenovo.

You can likewise attempt to expel the CMOS battery, the ordinary battery and divider control, hold in the power catch for around 30 seconds, at that point without the CMOS battery in, endeavor to turn it on utilizing simply divider control. On the off chance that that works, connect to the CMOS battery and attempt it once more. You most likely need another motherboard albeit attempting another CMOS battery won't hurt and less expensive.

Too many tasks are open at once.

Open up the Windows Task Manager, and process it. Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete or simply type "Task Manager" in the Start Menu or Cortana search box to open Windows Task Manager, while its displayed select what you want to end then end the process button. Warning, when ending the process by closing the program might result in losing all the unsaved data and if that happen the system might not function properly. If you want to end it properly right-click on the process you want to end, then Click End Process Tree

Virus in your computer.

First, Press Ctrl-Alt-Del on your keyboard. In some situations, the Windows update(s) might be hung at a very particular part of the installation process, and you could be presented with your Windows login screen after executing the Ctrl-Alt-Del keyboard command. If so, log on as you normally would and let the updates continue to install successfully.

Note: If your computer restarts after the Ctrl-Alt-Del, read the second Note in Step 2 below. If nothing happens (most likely) then move on to Step 2. Secondly, restart your computer, using either the reset button or by powering it off and then back on using the power button. Hopefully, Windows will start normally and finish installing the updates.


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