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Lenovo Edge 2-1580 Troubleshooting

Manufactured date: 15/12/15, identified by model number: 80QF. This troubleshooting page will help you diagnose problems with the Lenovo 2-1580.

The device will not respond to any attempt of powering up.

Make sure the power adapter is properly connected to the power and to the device. After that, check the battery light. If the light is not on, the adapter might be faulty. Consider changing the power adapter.

If the power adapter is properly connected and the battery light is on, the device should turn on in the matter of time. If the device will not turn on, the battery is faulty. Consider replacing the battery.

They keys on your keyboard won't respond.

If the keys can't be pressed, there is probably something underneath the key. Check for dirt or crumbs. Try holding your laptop upside down and give it a good shake.

The keyboard could stop responding if the laptop has outdated drivers or the keyboard drivers failed for some reason. To fix this, click on the Start menu, and go to Settings. Then click on Devices, following with Device Manager. Right click on keyboard and choose "Uninstall", then restart the laptop. When the computer boots up, Windows should detect and install the proper drivers.

Connect an external USB keyboard and check that it works properly. If so, you probably have a defective keyboard. Try replacing it with a new one.

The device will fail to connect to a wireless network.

If the laptop won't connect to a wireless network, you could have corrupter drivers. To fix this, go to this link and on the Keyword tab, write "Intel WLAN", choose the driver and download it. Then go to Start menu, Settings, Devices, and Device Manager. Choose Network Adapters and double click on your network adapter. Under the drivers tab, select Update Driver, and select the recently downloaded driver. Install and restart your computer.

If reinstalling the drivers didn't work, you probably have a faulty network card, and would need to replace it.

There is no image on the screen.

Make sure that the battery indicator light is on. If it is not on, check the Device will not power on Troubleshooting Guide.

Press Fn+F7 to check if the screen output is switched to an external screen.

If the screen still unresponsive, connect an external screen through the HDMI port to check is the screen driver is working. If the external screen will not turn on, either the drive is not working or the screen is faulty. Consider replacing the screen.

The audio jack fails to output sound.

Test the audio through the laptop's speakers, then plug in a headphone and test it again. If the audio just fails through the headphones, you probably have a faulty headphone jack or faulty drivers.

If the audio jack is not working, the audio drivers may be corrupt. Search for Lenovo Edge 2 - 1580, then click "Drivers & Software". Click the "Audio" tab and select the audio drivers to download them. Go to Control Panel -> Device Manager -> Sound Controllers. Click on the sound card and click "Update driver". Select the recently download driver, install, then restart the computer.


I am having really strange problems with my Lenovo Edge 2 and I am disappointed by the support I have received from Lenovo. I was having problems where my keyboard would sometimes not work when I turned on the machine. I updated the drivers but it did not help. Then the computer starting freezing when I was doing normal tasks like surfing the internet or using word. It would be frozen for many hours until I forced a shutdown. There was no unusual signs in the task manager or windows defender. Then I deinstalled MATlab because I had recently installed it. After shutting the laptop down, it no longer turns on. The keyboard lights up, the battery light flashes, and the light on the power button stays lit until I power it down. The fan also powers on.

A complicating issue is that I now live in Germany. But still, the machine is not yet a year old and I am looking for anyone who has had similar issues.

Pia Marciano - Reply

I am extremely disappointed with the lack of support I have received. My Lenovo Edge 2-1580 is stuck on the boot menu as seen in the attached file ( If I select one of the options, nothing happens. If I press Esc, nothing happens. I want to factory reset the computer and I am currently physically incapable of doing so. I have searched forums and the Lenovo website, and all of my pleas for help have been completely ignored.

I am in desperate need to use this computer right now. And if I receive no response within the next few hours, that is a customer lost. Permanently.

Napoleon Bonaparte - Reply

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