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Lenovo Chromebook N21 Troubleshooting

The Lenovo N21 is a rugged third generation Chromebook that was released in early 2015, designed for educational use with reinforced ports and hinges, a retractable handle, anti-peel keys, a sealed touchpad, and 9.5 hours of battery life.

Screen does not respond when turned on ¶ 

Your screen is unresponsive and is either lighting up but blank or not lighting up at all

The battery may be low on charge ¶ 

Make sure that the laptop is fully charged by plugging it into a working outlet.

The Operating System may have failed to boot ¶ 

This can be caused by a number of things, including hard drive failure, physical damage, or viruses. Press and hold the power button and refresh key until system shuts down. This is known as a hard reboot or hard reset.

Bad screen connection ¶ 

Wiring for the screen may have been disconnected from the motherboard. When opening up the Chromebook, check the display cable going from the motherboard to the screen by following this guide.

Faulty CPU ¶ 

The CPU may be dead or simply overheated. Turn off laptop and let it sit for 10-15 minutes to let the CPU cool down. If the CPU is in fact dead, you will need to replace the entire motherboard by following this guide.

Bad RAM or hard drive ¶ 

The RAM or hard drive may be dead. Because the RAM and hard drive is integrated into the motherboard, you will need to replace the entire motherboard to fix this issue by following this guide.

Computer not turning on at all ¶ 

The computer is unresponsive when the laptop is opened or powered on

The battery may have run out of charge ¶ 

Make sure laptop is charged by plugging it into a working outlet. Check to see if the charger light on the Chromebook is on. If the light does not turn on, the charging cable or charging port may be faulty, and you may need to try a new charging cable or replace the charging port of the Chromebook.

Bad charging cable ¶ 

If the cable is damaged or faulty, try another cable. The Lenovo N21 Chromebook uses an AC 20V 3.00x1.00mm charging cable. If you have a spare or can find one, try using a different charger. Another charging cable may be incompatible if the voltage or current output is different than what is required by the Chromebook.

Bad battery ¶ 

The battery may have been damaged or unplugged. Open the laptop and make sure that the battery is connected. If the battery is connected properly but the laptop is still not responding when powered solely by battery power, the battery may require a replacement with this guide.

Can’t connect to Bluetooth/WiFi ¶ 

No matter what you do you can’t get your laptop to connect to Bluetooth and/or WiFi

The device you are trying to connect to is unsupported, not fully charged, or does not have Bluetooth turned on ¶ 

Ensure the device is charged. Make sure that Bluetooth/WiFi is turned on by going into the Chromebook settings found in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Bluetooth PIN was entered incorrectly ¶ 

Make sure the correct Bluetooth pin code or passkey was entered while trying to connect.

Need to reset Bluetooth ¶ 

Perform a hard reboot of the Chromebook by pressing the refresh and power keys at the same time. After the reboot, turn Bluetooth off and on again and try to connect. Make sure to keep the device and Chromebook as close together as possible when trying to connect.

Bad Bluetooth/WiFi adapter ¶ 

You may need to replace the Bluetooth/WiFi adapter. You can do that by following this guide.

Bluetooth connection is unstable ¶ 

“The Bluetooth connection between two devices keeps dropping”

The device is too far away from the Chromebook ¶ 

Move the device closer to the Chromebook, then try to reconnect.

There is interference from other wireless devices and appliances ¶ 

Move the Bluetooth device away from other wireless devices, then try to reconnect.

Bad Bluetooth/WiFi Adapter ¶ 

Replace the WiFi adapter by following this guide.

WiFi keeps disconnecting ¶ 

Faulty network ¶ 

Check that wireless network is active by testing the connection with a separate device. Make sure that you are testing the same network.

Crowded network ¶ 

Your wireless network may only be able to support a limited number of devices at once. Make sure that your network is able to support everyone that is using it.

Faulty router ¶ 

Check if the Chromebook is able to connect to a different router. If it is able to connect, then you may have an issue with your router.

Wireless card is not functioning properly ¶ 

Check if your wireless card is working properly. Try using an Ethernet connection to connect to the internet. If you are able to connect through Ethernet, then your wireless card may need to be replaced. You can do that by following this guide.

Touchpad doesn’t work ¶ 

The touchpad is unresponsive when touched or tapped

Too much dust or dirt on touchpad ¶ 

Make sure the touchpad is clean, tap the "esc" key several times, and try again.

Touchpad is disabled ¶ 

Check if the touchpad is disabled in Touchpad Settings. You can access this by going to Settings>Device Settings>Touchpad Settings.

Hardware needs to reboot ¶ 

Sometimes a computer is unable to recognize a device. Perform a hard reboot by pressing the refresh and power keys at the same time. After the system turns on again, try to use the touchpad.

Touchpad is broken or disconnected ¶ 

Check if the touchpad wiring is disconnected in the inside of the device, and if it still is not functioning, you may need to replace the touchpad. In order to replace the touchpad, the whole panel including the keyboard and touchpad must be replaced. You can do this by following this guide.

Battery drains too quickly ¶ 

Too many things are running simultaneously ¶ 

Restart your laptop. You may also perform a hard reboot by pressing the refresh and power keys at the same time.

The battery is defective ¶ 

Your battery may be old, and is no longer able to hold charge well. You may need to replace the battery by following this guide.

Battery won’t charge ¶ 

The power outlet isn’t working ¶ 

Make sure you are plugged into an outlet that outputs power.

Charger or charging cables are not completely plugged in ¶ 

Make sure the charger and adapter cables are completely plugged in, both to the Chromebook and to the wall.

Faulty AC adapter ¶ 

Use a multimeter to test if there is any voltage output with the AC adapter. The reading on the voltmeter should be very close to 20V. If you get a reading that is close to zero, the AC adapter is either not working or you aren’t using the voltmeter correctly.

Hardware needs to be reset ¶ 

If you have already checked the charger cables and power outlet, and the Chromebook still is not charging, reset the Chromebook hardware. Perform a hard reset by pressing the refresh and the power buttons at the same time. If this does not work, you may also reset the hardware by turning off the Chromebook, removing the charger cable, disconnecting the battery with this guide, then reconnecting the battery and charger cable. If the Chromebook still does not charge, you may have a bad battery pack or charging port failure.

Bad battery pack or charging port failure ¶ 

Troubleshoot whether the battery or the charging port is the source of the cause. Unplug the laptop from its charger. Unplug the battery by following this guide. Plug the laptop back into it’s charger and see if it boots up without the battery as the source of electricity.

If the computer successfully turns on, then the issue is most likely with the battery, and you will need to buy a new battery and replace the faulty one with this guide.

If the laptop does not power on, the issue is most likely with the charging port, and you will need to buy a new charging port and replace it.

There are white lights on the screen that cannot be removed ¶ 

No matter what is displayed on screen, there are white lights in spots.

There maybe dead pixels ¶ 

If the monitor contains small pixels that are not changing color properly, it is known as a dead pixel. The only solution is to replace the display. You can do this by following this guide.

The colors are all distorted and the screen looks as if it were “torn” ¶ 

The screen is not displaying the proper colors and appears "torn" or "cracked" on the inside.

Faulty graphics card ¶ 

The Lenovo N21 has integrated graphics. In order to fix a faulty graphics card for the Chromebook, you will need a motherboard replacement. You can do this by following this guide.


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