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LeapFrog LeapTV Troubleshooting

The LeapFrog LeapTV is a video gaming system that was introduced in 2014. The LeapTV allows the children to play by exerting energy. The game system allows the children to complete tasks by jumping, dancing, and other physical movement.

The console is frozen.

Do NOT try to turn the console off by pulling out the power adapter. This could cause serious damage.

Press and hold the power button down for 15 seconds to shut the console down. After 15 seconds, press the power button to turn the console back on.

Start with the console turned off, turn it on, as soon as it is turned on, press and hold the “Sync” button until a green ring flashes on the front of the console, follow the instructions that appear on the screen.

More than one player is wanted or needed.

Please be aware that a second controller will not become active until you have entered a dual player game. First, navigate to the home page. On the controller, press the Home & Hint buttons together for 3 seconds until the light at the bottom turns blue. Next, press the Sync button on the console. After you press the Sync button on the console, the light on the bottom of the controller will turn magenta after a few seconds. After another few seconds, the magenta light will turn off and you will be connected.

For some reason, the console is not recognizing the game.

Clean off the gold contacts of the cartridge by using a pencil eraser and gently rubbing the eraser over the contacts. This removes dust and other particles that could be interfering with the cartridge being recognized by the console.

Ensure that all updates have been installed. Turn on your LeapTV on. Your console must be connected to the internet. Navigate to the Parent Settings page on the LeapTV. Type in your four-digit parent code (To skip this step enter: 196 <backspace>87). Choose Settings. Choose “System Info.” If it shows that you have or higher, no update is needed. If it shows that you have lower than .1.2.4011, an update is needed. If you are connected to the internet look for the “System Update Available” button. Choose this button, and wait for the update to download and install. If you are not connected to the internet choose the “Back” button and then the “Network” button. Connect to the internet. Go to the “System Info” screen. Update the firmware.

To reset/clear the LeapTV the LeapTV should be turned off before starting. Turn the LeapTV ON by pressing the power button. Right after the LeapTV has turned on, push and hold the SYNC button until you see the green light ring on the front of the console blink. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the reset.


still does not work

Lea Duquette - Reply

its on a leap tv needs repaired screen what do i do

nsvc1234 - Reply

When I do this it says system needs repair and instructs me to hold sync button and then hold sync and power and the same time. When I do this the console turns off after a few seconds but contents are all still there, no reset.

Megz Carter - Reply

I am trying to activate my leap tv I can’t remember the parental advisory 4 digit PIN number an the email that was originally used was hacked by scammers an I don’t have that email anymore What do I do to get my game to come on , So my grandson can play??? Please get back to me please contact me ASAP please

Makea Sparks - Reply

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