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Le Pan II Troubleshooting

Released in December 2011

Broken Screen ¶ 

Le Pan II tablet screen is cracked or unresponsive

Screen has cracked or shattered ¶ 

Lines may appear in glass of screen, could be web like appearance or singular lines. Will be noticeable on and off, and potentially able to be felt. The fix for this would be to replace the screen.

Screen will not display image ¶ 

Could be battery died. If battery is dead try charging it, may need to replace battery (if this is the issue refer to Tablet Won't Turn On below).

Brightness is all the way down. Try to turn the brightness up, screen may be visible in a dark room, if brightness is all the way down.

Screen will not respond to touch ¶ 

If tablet is being used while charging, sometimes the screen will not respond when being charged. Try using it disconnected from charger.

Could also try closing out of apps left open or reset the tablet as well.

Tablet won't turn on ¶ 

Nothing happens after pressing the power button

Battery power is low ¶ 

If the battery is too low or at 0%, the tablet may not turn on. Try charging the tablet and then turning it on.

Charger is broken ¶ 

Chargers can bend and crease which can cause damage to the internal wires. If the wires and/or charger are damaged, the tablet will not charge and therefore may not turn on. Try charging the tablet with another charger or a new charger.

Battery is dead ¶ 

If the charger is functional and the tablet still does not turn on, it is possible that the battery itself might be dead. In this case, the battery will need to be removed and replaced.

Audio not working ¶ 

No sound can be heard when watching videos or listening to music

Volume muted ¶ 

Check to make sure that the volume of the device is not muted or just set too low. If this is the case, you will not be able to hear audio when listening to music or watching videos.

Headphones plugged in/Bluetooth connected ¶ 

Ensure that no headphones or other wires are plugged into the headphone port. Also, check the device is not connected to any Bluetooth devices.

Software needs to be updated ¶ 

If software is out of date, it can cause a device to experience audio problems. Try going into the Settings and check to see if you have a current, up-to-date software.

Speakers are broken ¶ 

If the speakers still do not work after checking the above issues, it is possible that the speakers are broken. If this is the case, the speakers will need to be replaced.

Volume does not work ¶ 

Volume is not able to be increased or decreased

Volume button stuck ¶ 

The volume button may be jammed. Try to wiggle the button free. If this does not work, you may need to take the device apart to realign the button.

Device needs to be reset ¶ 

To fix an unresponsive button, you must restart the device. Once it turns back on, check to see if the button is responsive.

Volume button broken completely ¶ 

Worse case scenario, no known defects may be present. There could be internal damage to the button. The device may need to be taken apart to replace the button

Camera does not work ¶ 

When camera is opened, only a black screen is displayed

Dirty lens ¶ 

If the lens is blurry, it may be dirty. To clean, use a lint free cloth to wipe the lens.

Software needs update ¶ 

The camera application may not open due to old software. To fix this, update your device to the newest software. If updating the device and resetting it does not work. The camera may need to be replaced.


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