Laptop running slow

This is to allow not so techy people to troubleshoot why their device is running slowely. created: 16/06/2015

If your Laptop is running slow, there are many reasons why. The following information is the basics of troubleshooting a slow running computer.

1. RAM - RAM stands for Random Access Memory, this is used to store temporary data whilst applications are running. The more RAM you have the faster your device will run. The least RAM the slower it will run.

If your laptop is running slow, you may want to check your RAM as this is usually a contributor to a slow running computer.

2. Application on start-up. Applications that start up soon as you log into your account. These can actually slow your computer down dramatically as it runs in the background and uses memory as well as the CPU. The more start-up applications you have the slower your laptop/computer will be. A way to check what is running on start-up is as followed:

Windows - in "search programmes" type "System Config" - start-up tab - un-check the applications you don’t want running.

3. Your computer may be running slow if you have a lot on un-needed applications on your device. By deleting these you will save yourself more memory on the device but will also contribute to a faster running computer.

How do you check to see your CPU usage?

Right click taskbar then click task manager.

- Task manager allows you to view what applications are currently running, CPU usage, network usage etc.

Is your browser running slowly?

Make sure you delete all internet browser history as it may contribute, delete all cookies from sites, try incognito mode.

On settings, cancel all 3rd party add-ons as they are usually the biggest culprit for a slow browser.

If none of the steps above work i strongly advice you scan for any malware on your system as some malicious software really affects your computers performance.


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