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An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

Electrical issues with the battery of the device due to age of model and overused battery capacity.

If the LG X Power will not power on or show any sign of charge unless it is plugged, you will need to try to exchange the battery for a new battery. This may be caused by overuse or leaving it charging too long.

The way to do that is by first opening the back cover of the phone by using one of the metal spudger's from the set. You can start from the bottom of the phone and put the spudger between the back cover and the side to open up the back. Then you can take out the battery and replace it with another battery. To watch how to open the phone click here.

If the phone is plugged into the charger coming from a computer or laptop and is not displaying the charge light in the top-left corner, first check the charging settings in the phone and make sure that it is set to charge and not file share. If the the phone is plugged into the charger directly connected to a wall outlet, then it could be the charging port is not properly working and will need to be replaced. This could happen by incorrectly plugging it in or even a faulty charging cord could affect the device negatively. You might need to replace the charging adapter using this guide.

Not working at all or having problems with zooming and quality of picture.

If your rear-phone camera has a blurry or inadequate picture, it could possibly be that you have focused the camera. All you have to do to focus the camera on this phone is to simply tap on the screen where you want it to focus. If you have done this two or three times and it still isn't focusing, the camera may be busted and you will have to replace the camera. Click here to be shown how to replace the camera.

When you go to your camera app and the only thing displayed is a black screen or an error code, the camera will definitely need to be replaced. Use this guide to do complete the task. This may be because the camera was damaged from overheating or water got in the camera.

The way to replace the camera is by first opening the back cover of the phone. Once you got it open, the cover you will be looking at the battery, remove the battery and remove the cover as well. After that, you will see the camera on the top right, remove it carefully (to remove the cover and camera click here).

Then you can replace it with your new camera.

If you are trying to take a picture and your camera is unclear or looks foggy, it could be the auto-focus setting in the camera settings. To fix this, go the camera settings and check to make sure that the auto-focus is turned on or you could manually focus the picture by zooming in and out and tapping the screen until the picture is clear. This could also be because you entered a really hot place or extremely humid environment that damaged the lens or even parts of the camera. In addition, you may have gone swimming and the phone could have been in contact with water at some point and this could be the cause.

Follow the same steps in previous guide to replace the camera.

Problems with audio port and speaker because the connection or faulty parts.

If headphones with a wire cord will not function properly or at all and is only working correctly with wireless connection via Bluetooth, first check the cord and make sure the wire is not damaged in any place or even bent too much. This could be the cause of any static noise or it not working. Also, check the inside of the auxiliary cord jack because dust or other build up could be a cause for issues. If that is not the problem, you may need to replace the adapter at the connection point.

click here to see how to open the phone parts.

If the sound is unclear and/or contains a lot of static noise from the phone itself, you might need to replace the main media speaker, which will not be the same as the phone speaker used for phone calls. The media speaker can be found on the back-lower-left corner of the phone. Follow the steps below to help you replace the speakers.

1-click here to see how to open the back of the phone to get to the speaker.

2-click here to see how to replace the speakers once the phone has been opened.


II depleted the battery to below 10% and the device denied to charge the battery as if charger aint working. Checked several ways but it wouldn’t charge and at last got shut down at zero. After replacement of charging IC the device started to show a green screen when turned on. Some said it requires software installation, but the others said it is hardware problem and replacement of main board is only solution. After few days I put the device on charge and after few hours surprisingly the device turned on perfectly and started charging battery but couldn’t recorgnize sim card. After re-installation of the software the phone was as good as new.

Today after a week I once again accidentally depleted the battery to below 15% and the same $@$*. It seems like when the battery goes below a certain point the device’s charge controlling system can’t charge the battery until or unless charged through some other means. It is a non-removable battery.

Please help any body? I m so sick of it. Sincerely Naeem

M.NaeemZahid - Reply

my lg power is not letting do anything like pass the first page. How can i fix it

brian smith - Reply

my LG X power the ear phone jack and charging jack stopped working

4debmed - Reply

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