LG VX9800 Troubleshooting

Phone Does Not Turn On ¶ 

Even if you hold the power button, the phone won't turn on.

Battery is Dead ¶ 

Try to plug in your phone to the charger. Even if you have a dead battery that won't hold a charge, it should turn on while the phone is plugged into the charger.

If a charged batter doesn't work, you may need to replace the keys. See our repair guide for further help (Link Coming Soon).

Phone Won't Charge ¶ 

Your phone won't charge, even though you've connected it to a proper charger.

Bad Connection ¶ 

If your phone is plugged in and still not responding you may have a bad connection between your phone and the charger. You may need to replace the charger port in the phone where the charger enters. With bent teeth or connection in here the phone cannot charge and won't respond even if plugged in.

Keypad Doesn't Work ¶ 

If your keys are unresponsive.

Toggle power ¶ 

Try turning the phone off and waiting a little couple minutes before turning back on.

Cleaning ¶ 

If toggling the power doesn't work try taking off the faceplate and keypad using our repair guide (Link Coming Soon). Once the faceplate is off, carefully remove any dust or debris on the logic board.

If none of these work you may need to replace the circuit board itself using out repair guide (Link Coming Soon).

White Noise in Speakers ¶ 

You hear static or muffled noises coming from your speakers.

Toggle Power ¶ 

Try turning the phone off and waiting a little couple minutes before turning back on.

Check Connections ¶ 

Sometimes wires and connections to the speakers will get loose creating a white noise that can be heard. See our repair guide for checking the speaker connections (Link Coming Soon).

Replace Speakers ¶ 

See our guide (link coming soon) for replacing speakers. Note: requires soldering

MiniSD Card Isn't Working ¶ 

If your SD card won't click into the port.

Debris ¶ 

There may be debris in the SD port that is disrupting the your connection. Use a brush or a keyboard cleaner (air gun) to remove any debris.

Blue Wavy Lines on Start up ¶ 

Your screen displays a series of blue lines when you power it up.

Charge Battery ¶ 

Sometimes simply charging the battery will fix this problem for you.

If the battery won't charge, then it may be faulty or broken. Consider buying a new battery.

Bad Screen Connection ¶ 

Sometimes the screen has come loose for its connection to the circuit board. See our repair guide for where this connection is located. Try cleaning the connection before reconnecting it.


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