LG VX4400 Troubleshooting

Phone Description

Note: This troubleshooting guide covers the LG VX4400

Phone will not turn on ¶ 

The phone will not power on.

Dead Battery ¶ 

Check that your battery is charged and securely in place. Also check that it is not dead. Old batteries may suddenly die without warning. Check the contacts to ensure there is no residue.

Bad Logic Board ¶ 

Disassemble the phone to make sure that the phone's logic board is not fried.

Faulty Power Button ¶ 

Make sure that the actual power button is still working and connected.

Phone does not have any service ¶ 

You cannot make or receive calls.

Bad Logic Board ¶ 

This is probably due to a faulty logic board. Disassemble the phone to check for any obvious problems.

Phone randomly turns off ¶ 

"The phone shuts off without being prompted"

Dirty Battery Contacts ¶ 

There is likely a problem with the battery. This is commonly caused by residue on the contacts. Use a pencil eraser and clear the contacts of any dirt. Clean away all eraser residue.

Broken Screen ¶ 

Check the manufacturer's website for replacement screens.

Buttons on phone don't respond ¶ 

Keypad ¶ 

Disassemble the phone to see if the keypad is still intact. If so, check the manufacturers website for replacement keypads.

Bad Logic Board ¶ 

If the keyboard is not broken, there is likely a problem with the logic board. Look for any visible faults.

You cannot hear people ¶ 

"Or they cannot hear you"

Faulty Speaker ¶ 

This can be due to a faulty speaker. Check to see if any other noises can come out of the speaker.

Faulty Microphone ¶ 

If someone cannot hear you it may be due to a faulty microphone. Check the other phone functions to see if it can record at all.

Bad Logic Board ¶ 

Your logic board may be faulty. Disassemble the phone to look for any visible problems.


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