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Poor Battery Life ¶ 

The phone is dying very quickly and barely holding a charge

Too Many Active Apps ¶ 

Your phone battery might be under a lot of stress because of the amount of apps running all at once. A good solution is closing out the apps you aren't currently using and seeing if the issue still persists.

Faulty Battery ¶ 

If cleaning the holding-bay/battery power input and the battery power output does not solve solution battery many be faulty. Replacing the battery may be the solution. How to replace battery.

Unresponsive Touch Screen ¶ 

The screen does not respond to touch commands

Physical/Internal Damage On the Touch Screen ¶ 

Due to external damage from; magnets, dropping of phone, or any other cause of screen damage may have caused disconnects from the screen and the internal touch sensors. Replacing the screen may fix this problem.

Phone Apps Causing Crash ¶ 

Having too many applications open at once may cause the processor to overload, opening an app that is too big for the phone to handle, or downloading an application that may be infected with malicious malware may be the cause. A simple solution would be to close out of apps you are not using or close all applications before using a desired application. If problem still occurs then a virus might be present and other guides of curing the phone will be necessary.

The Phone Does Not Charge ¶ 

Phone failing to charge when plugged in or dying while plugged in

Charge Port Blocked By Dirt ¶ 

It is common for lint and dust to collect in the charge port over time. This build up can block the connection between your charger and the phone’s port. Your best remedy is to find a flashlight and clean out the port with something sturdy like a dental pick.

Faulty Battery ¶ 

Most cell phones use lithium ion batteries which age rapidly with daily use. If you’re noticing inconsistent battery percentages after charging the phone for a prolonged time, you may need to replace the battery. For the best how-to, check out the guide here.

Charge Port Physical Damage ¶ 

If you’re finding it hard to plug in your phone into the charger you may want to check the port for any physical damage. For reference you can always do an image search for what the port is suppose to look like versus how your port currently looks.

Faulty Charge Port ¶ 

If all else fails you may need to replace the charge port itself. For step by step instructions check out the guide here.

Major OS Freezes ¶ 

The phone is freezing up and is unresponsive when in use

Cache Overflow ¶ 

Clearing application cache frees up space and improves performance of application.

Phone Is Stuck Boot-Looping ¶ 

The phone stuck loading while booting up and unresponsive

Safe Mode ¶ 

Safe Mode puts your phone in a diagnostic state.

Faulty Motherboard ¶ 

The motherboard might be physically damaged due to and physical harm including water damage a guide to replace the motherboard can be found here Here.

Camera Not Capturing ¶ 

Camera screen is black/foggy or has cracks through the picture

Camera App is Frozen ¶ 

The camera application itself might be frozen. Closing the application completely may solve the issue.

Camera is Physically Broken ¶ 

The camera or camera lense may be physically damaged and will need to be replaced. A replacement guide can be located here.


I just replaced the lcd screen myself on a lg stylo 2 phone. Now i have no sound unless i use headphones help please

theresa1161961 - Reply

You probably bent one of the prongs when putting your screen in, you'll have to take the screen out and bend that prong back and your sound will come back. I did the same thing.

Christene Davis -

I just replaced the lcd screen myself. Now i have no sound unless i use headphones. What could be

theresa1161961 - Reply

I jump want to know something my stylus 2 doesn't show anything and I thought it's lcd however someone whi was going to fix it told me that it's a manufacturing problem and it can't be fixed anymore. I want to know where can I take it to be fixed around Cape Town.

Akon - Reply

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