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The phone screen won't respond to any commands that you give it.

If you have a shattered screen, and the phone is still on but unresponsive, you will need to replace the screen in order to continue using it.

Restart the phone by holding down the power button until you see the LG symbol indicating that it is turning off. If the phone is still not working after you reboot it, then removing the battery may also fix the issue. If neither of these approaches work then there may be a deeper issue with the digitizer or motherboard. Replace the motherboard using this guide.

The phone does not charge even when plugged in.

The power cable you are using might have come with a problem, or it could have been damaged. Try using another charging cable or plugging in your charging cable into a different wall socket and see if that fixes the problem. Additionally, avoid using 3rd party cables, as some of them could have been poorly manufactured.

If the phone is plugged in, and the charging cable works, then you may have an issue with your charging port. Check it for dust or other foreign substances, and try to clean it by blowing it out or using a dry cloth. If neither of these approaches work, then you may have a completely dead battery or a faulty charging port.

The phone randomly turns off then back on, without you pressing on anything.

The battery could be a lemon, a bad product, or it could be drained from overuse. This is a common problem with most Android phones, and replacing the Battery should solve your problem.

Third party apps left running in the background can significantly shorten your battery life. To prevent them from doing so, you can change them to manually update within the phone's settings. Additionally, certain 3rd party apps are known to kill battery life, especially the Facebook app. Resetting your phone to the default factory settings or deleting battery hogging apps should solve this problem.

Water damage to the motherboard is another possible issue. It is well known that liquids are the bane of electronics, therefore, if the phone has been exposed to any sort of liquid any parts that were exposed could cause hardware failure. Additionally, the motherboard could just be defective. Either way, you would need to replace your motherboard.Replace the motherboard using this guide.

While holding your phone it is hot to the touch and it runs slower than normal.

Purchasing a phone case that allows the phone to dissipate heat as it was designed is very important, not just for overheating, but also for your battery life. Check to make sure that your phone case isn't blocking exhaust on your phone and that the case is made out of a material that encourages heat dissipation.

Sound coming through the audio jack or speakers is muted or silent.

A simple solution to audio issues is to check your volume settings. If the phone is set to silent or the audio is off, your problem is easily remedied.

Your audio port could be worn out from use or damaged. Try to clean it gently with a toothpick or canned air. If the problem persists, there may be an issue with the audio port itself, which would involve taking the phone apart and replacing the audio port.

It is possible that the software on your phone is causing the volume to not play. Try performing a factory reset on your phone. From the home screen tap the Apps button. Once in there proceed to Settings and then Backup and Reset. Select Factory data rest and the finalize it by pressing Reset phone. After this press Erase everything and you will have completed a factory reset on your phone. Be careful though as this will erase all data on your phone including Google accounts, downloaded apps, music, pictures, and data.

Any physical damage such as impact damage or water damage will require the speakers to be replaced.

Wi-Fi and LTE are available but they are extremely slow.

Check your phone settings to see if the phone's wi-fi is set to sleep after a certain period of inactivity.

Reset your router to ensure that the problem is with your phone. If other devices in your home also aren't connecting to the wi-fi, then you may need to call your internet service provider and have a technician come out.

If all else fails, you may have a bad SIM port in your phone, which you will need to replace. Use this guide to help guide you in replacing the SIM port.

When trying to save a picture or a file, the phone does not allow you to save them.

Navigate to your phone settings and check how much memory is left on your phone. If you have none left, you will need to delete content from your phone to free up space.

Remove the back panel on the phone and switch out the SD card in your phone for a new one, and see if that fixes the problem.

If switching out the SD card with a new one did not solve the problem, then you may have a damaged SD port. Check for any dirt or dust in the port and gently clean it out. If this does not fix it, then you should try replacing the SD port with this guide.

The camera either won't take quality photos anymore or won't take pictures at all.

A blurry picture is typically caused by not allowing the camera to focus or a dirty lens. To allow the camera to focus hold the phone steady and don't get to close to the object you are trying to photograph. Additionally, check to see if the outer lens needs to be cleaned or if there is any humidity inside the lens due to leaving the phone in unfavorable weather. If the phone is dirty try to clean it with a damp cloth, and if it has humidity inside it try leaving it in a container of clean, dry rice for a day or two to draw out the moisture.

The only solution for a cracked camera is to replace it. Follow the steps in this guide to see how to replace the camera.


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