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Student-Contributed Wiki

An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

Replacement Warning ¶ 

Before attempting to replace any of the parts to the device, to avoid damaging the device further(or beyond repair) restart or power off the device then turn it back on. This usually fixes most issues.

Black Screen ¶ 

You can't get your screen to turn on or light up.

Dead Battery ¶ 

Battery may be too low for the phone to operate. Try to connect your phone to a charger and wait for the phone to turn on. If your phone still does not turn on you may have a faulty charger. Make sure your charger is fully plugged into the wall and properly connected to your phone. If the problem proceeds you may want to try to connect to another charger.

Bad Display ¶ 

The display screen may be too damaged to display an image. This may be the issue if the screen shows minimal light or remains completely black.

Battery won't keep charge ¶ 

Damaged Charger/cord ¶ 

Charger may be broken or not connected completely to the phone. First, make sure the charger is working properly and plugged into a working outlet. If the charger is working correctly, your battery may be damaged and require replacement.

Battery Damaged ¶ 

Battery may be broken. Replace with a new battery by taking off the back of the phone, lifting the sides of the battery to take it out, and putting a new battery in. Once you have replaced the battery, try to power the phone on using the power button.

Bad Charging Port ¶ 

After being certain the battery or charger is not the problem it is possible for the issue to be the charging port itself. If the device gets hot while charging or it takes much longer than usual to charge the battery then the port may be damaged and in need of a replacement.

Touch Screen Unresponsive ¶ 

Device cannot recognize that the screen had been touched.

Dirty Screen ¶ 

Check the screen itself to see if there is any residue on it. Grease, and sticky foods can attach themselves to the screen making it difficult for the device to read touch inputs. Try cleaning off the screen with a damp cloth to remove the residue.

Broken Screen ¶ 

If the screen is cracked or damaged it can make it difficult for the device to read touch inputs. Follow this guide in replacing the touch screen on the device.

No Audio ¶ 

Audio cannot be heard out of speaker/ headphones.

Volume ¶ 

The device may have its volume lowered too low to be heard. Go to settings->Audio settings, and make sure the volume is on and turned all the way up.

Faulty Head Phone ¶ 

The headphones you are using may be damaged. Try using another pair of headphones before attempting any repairs.

Blocked Head Phone Jack ¶ 

Headphone jack may be blocked inside. Use a flashlight to look into the headphone jack. If you see any residue in the headphone jack, you may want to use a pin or needle to gently remove it.

Buttons not working ¶ 

Buttons are stuck or require multiple, hard presses to work.

Home button not working ¶ 

Home button may be dirty. Dirt may be built up around the home button keeping it from working properly. Clean the area around the home button and attempt to press it once more.

Volume buttons not working ¶ 

Volume buttons may be dirty. Dirt may be built up around the volume button making them hard to press or unresponsive. Try to clean the area around the volume buttons and check to make sure they are not stuck.

===Camera not working===

Camera may not respond to the phone when the camera application is open

===Camera lens is cracked===

The lens may be cracked due to the phone being dropped on a hard surface. If the lens is cracked you will be able to know when you try to take a picture and there will be a line through the picture.

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Hello i have a LG optimus exceed 2 and it won't turn on. I try to turn it on but it will only say LG on it then the screen stays stuck on a gray screen. Anybody help me plz

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