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My Phone Won't Turn on

I pressed the power but my phone isn't turning on.

Test to see if the battery was not properly installed. Take off the back panel and take out the battery. Reinsert and try to turn the phone on. If it still doesn't work, there may be a problem with the charger or most likely the battery just needs to be replaced.

My Phone Won't Stay Open or Closed

My phone slides open and closed uncontrollably, I can't get it to stay in either position.

If the phone won't hold it's open or closed position, there's something wrong with the slider on the inside. The springs may have broken or fallen off of there racks.

The Keyboard Buttons are Physically Stuck

I can't press down one of the buttons. Help!

If you aren't able to press down one of the keyboard buttons, there may be a contaminant that slipped underneath the key. It also may have come off its track so it might be jammed. Disassembly of the phone may be required.

I Can't Hear Anybody When They Call Me

What good is a phone if I can't hear? Ok yeah, there is texting...

Start by checking the reception where you're at. The problem may be that there is no service at your current location. If your service is fine, try to "reboot" the phone. Pop off the back panel and take out your battery pack and SIM card. Wait a couple of seconds and then reinsert the battery and SIM card. Receive a call and check to see if you can hear the phone line. If that doesn't work, the speakers may need to be replaced.

I Can't Take any Pictures

When I try to take pictures the camera is just black, even when it's light outside.

There could be a loading error with the phone programming so first try restarting the phone. If this doesn't work there may be damage to the camera and it probably needs to be replaced.


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