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Student-Contributed Wiki

Student-Contributed Wiki

An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

LG Lucid 4G Troubleshooting

This troubleshooting page will help you diagnose problems with the LG Lucid 4G.

Battery Dies Quickly

My phone has a short battery life.

Multiple Applications Are Running

Ensure that applications are closing correctly. Leaving multiple apps open can considerably shorten the phone’s battery life. To manually close an app, press and hold the home button. A list of active apps should appear. You can close them by swiping them to the left or right until they disappear.

Properly Turning Off Screen

Check to make sure you have turned off the screen properly. You can do this by pressing the button used to activate the screen before you put the phone away.

High Power Usage Settings

In order to put the phone into power saving mode, follow these instructions:

  • Lower screen brightness
    1. Go to Settings > Display and Wallpaper > Brightness
  • Lower the amount of time for the screen to black out.
    1. Go to Settings > Screen > Screen Timeout
    2. Consider lowering to 15 or 30 seconds if it is currently on a higher setting.
  • Turn on power saving mode
    1. Go to Settings > Battery > Power Saving Mode
    2. You can turn this on at any time or set it so it automatically turns on when the battery is at a low amount (commonly 15%)

Apps Close During Use

My phone’s apps keep closing while I am using them.

Soft Reboot

There are two options for performing a soft reboot:

The first is to simply take off the back case and pull out the battery, put the battery back in, then hold the power button until you see the LG logo and the phone is powered on.

The second is to hold down the power button until a prompt appears on the screen asking you to pick “Restart,” “Power off,” or “Cancel.” Pick “Power off,” then press “OK” when prompted. Finally, hold the power button again to switch the device back on.

Hard Reboot (Factory Reset)

  • WARNING: A hard reboot will erase all of your data.

To perform a hard reboot, follow these steps:

  1. Hold the power button until a prompt appears on the screen asking you to pick “Restart, Power off”, or “Cancel”.
  2. Press “Power off”
  3. Then press “OK” when prompted
  4. Next, press and hold the power button along with the volume down button
  5. Release the buttons when the LG logo appears on the screen and the phone will restart

Pictures Won’t Transfer to Computer

Pictures from my phone refuse to transfer onto my computer.

Faulty Drivers

The inability to save photographs and other files to your computer may be the result of an outdated driver. You can rule out having a bad driver by ensuring the device is updated to the most recently released driver.

  • CAUTION: Updating the device’s drivers may cause you to lose files. Please backup any important files before proceeding!

To update the device’s drivers, locate and download the device’s drivers on the manufacturer website. In this case, the drivers can be located here.

After downloading the drivers to your computer, connect the device to the computer via the Micro USB port. Once the phone is connected, simply run the file on the computer and wait for the drivers to update.

Using the SD Card to Transfer Photos

First, check all ports connected to your computer to see if you have an SD card slot. The slot is a thin rectangle about an inch long. If you do not have an SD card slot, you will need a SD or microSD card-to-USB adapter such as this one.

If you do have an SD card slot, you will need a microSD-to-SD card adapter such as this one to read the card from your computer.

To find your SD card, take the back plate off the phone and remove the microSD card from the slot underneath the power button. After inserting your microSD card into your card adapter, insert the SD card adapter into the correct port. On your computer, open the SD card reader device and copy and paste the picture files into your desired folder.

Using a USB Data Cable to Transfer Photos

For this option, a micro USB-to-USB cord is required. Insert the small end of the cord into the micro USB port on your phone, and connect the other end to your computer’s USB port. Once everything is connected, a screen should appear on your computer asking you if it’s okay to download pictures from the phone. Allow permission and just wait for your pictures to download.

Phone Won’t Charge

My phone refuses to charge.

Faulty Charging Cable

If your phone will not charge, it’s likely because of a faulty charging cable. If this is the case, then your best option is to purchase a new cable. Search for a cable that connects from a wall outlet to a micro USB port.

Obstructed/Faulty Charging Port

If the charging cable works, then your phone might not be charging because its micro USB port is faulty. If this is the case, you will need to replace the micro USB port. To do so, you will need some extra tools. Detailed instructions can be found on this site.

Distorted Audio

I have trouble listening to audio on my phone.

Loose Headphone Port

Attempt to play audio through the phone’s speaker, then through headphones. If the audio only plays through the device’s speaker, the headphone port or the headphones may be faulty.

To check whether your headphones are working correctly, make sure your headphones are fully inserted into the audio port. If the audio through your headphones cuts in and out, the headphone jack may be loose or obstructed. Check the audio jack for any dust, dirt, or other blockage that may be preventing a consistent connection.

If your headphones do not work at all on your device, attempt to use the headphones on another device. If the headphones work on the other device and are not faulty, you may want to consider replacing the headphone port on the device.

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hi my lg lucid 2 vs870 wont download any apps it will just show the download pending and will just turn gray and nothing will happen please let me know if you can solve the problem

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