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LG K7 Troubleshooting

The LG K7 was released in January 2016. The phone has a 480 pixel by 854 resolution with a five inch touchscreen display.

Screen is black, blurred, or distorted.

If the device recently received water damage it should have triggered the water contact indicator sticker. Power off the phone by holding down the power button for a few seconds. The sticker will be located in the battery tray visible once the battery is removed. It is a small square a little smaller than the head of a thumbtack. If there has been no liquid contact the sticker will appear white with one or more red X’s. If liquid contact has occurred the red of the X’s will have bled onto the white field turning the whole sticker red or pink. If the indicator sticker has been triggered leave the phone powered off. Remove any excess water in the screen by pressing gently on the screen. Allow the battery and phone to dry separately in a space away from direct heat sources like ovens or space heaters and where it will not come in contact with more liquid. Let the phone dry for at least 24-72 hours without reassembly. Once you are sure the phone is completely dry replace the battery and power it on.

If the phone has not suffered water damage but the screen is blank, it is possible the issue will be fixed with a soft reset. Power off the phone by holding the power button for a few seconds. Remove the battery. Wait several seconds then replace the battery and power on the phone.

If this does not fix the issue you may attempt a hard reset to factory settings, but this will erase all data stored on the phone. You must back up all desired data including photos, saved messages, contacts, apps. Everything will be removed from the phone on a hard reset. To attempt the hard reset first power off the phone. Once the phone is powered off wait several seconds then restart the phone by holding the volume down button along with the power button until the LG logo appears on the screen. If the screen is still distorted or blank then the hard reset will not help and should be aborted. Let go of all buttons and power off the phone. If the LG logo does appear on the screen and you wish to continue with the hard reset then release the power button while still holding down the volume down button, then re-hold the power button. Continue to hold the volume down button throughout this step. When the factory data rest menu appears release all buttons and use the volume down button to select Yes. Use the power button to select. When the delete all user settings menu appears use the volume down button again to select Yes. Use the power button to select. Wait for the phone to complete resetting.

If the only visual distortion is lines of cracks running over the top layer of the screen, then most likely the screen glass is the main or only problem. To fix this issue you will need to replace the glass component of your screen.

Look carefully to determine if you are experiencing discoloration anywhere on the screen. If there is a bleeding of colors or small black dots showing up in the same place on all screen views the problem likely includes the LCD screen as well as the glass. To fix this issue you will need to replace the LCD and likely the glass components of the screen.

‘’Battery percentage does not go up or goes down while plugged in for charging.’’

The simplest check is your power source. If you are charging from a wall socket try another socket or charging from a computer or USB port. If you are charging from a USB port try a different port or a wall socket.

Try charging from a USB port if you use a wall adapter. If this doesn’t help try using a different charging cable and run through the previous options again.

Try turning the phone off or setting it to airplane mode while charging to see if this decreases charging time. It may be that the phone is using resources while charging that are power hungry enough to slow charge rate.

Visually inspect the charging socket on the device. If there is lint or dust, clean the socket with compressed air. Make sure the cable rests securely in the socket and does not wiggle around easily. If the cable is loose or the socket wiggles easily you may need to replace the charging socket.

Remove the battery and try a replacement battery.

If none of the above work you may try a soft or hard reset as described in ‘’’Phone Requires Reset’’’ under ‘’’Blank, Blurry, or Distorted Screen’’’.

You're receiving messages that you're SIM card storage is full.

In your Messaging app, click on the Menu in the top-right corner, click on Settings and locate your SIM card messages. Depending on which version of Android you are running, this option may be under the Advanced tab. Clear any unnecessary messages.

Your contacts may be saving to your SIM card, using up space. Importing your contacts to Google Contacts will allow you to clear up space on your SIM. In your Contacts app, open the menu in the top-right corner and click Import/Export. Select Import from SIM. If prompted to select a Google account, select the account you would like to import from. If you would like to import individual contacts, click on the contacts and hit Import. If you would like to import all your contacts, select the menu in the top-right corner and tap Import All.

If none of the above solutions seem to fix the issue, you may need to replace the SIM card. Contact your cellular provider about obtaining a new SIM card.

Volume will not change on device.

One easy fix to this is to use your phone's built in volume controls. Open the Quick Settings menu by swiping down near the top of the phone's display. Click on the Settings represented by the gear icon. You may have to swipe down once more depending on which version of Android your phone is running. Open the Sound menu. From here you should be able to freely control your volume if your volume control buttons are broken. Another solution is to install a volume controlling app for your phone. There are a multitude of these available in the Google Play Store, find one with controls and a user interface that is most to your liking.

If your headphones make you unable to change your volume, it is likely that your headphones are broken and interfering with your phone's volume controls. Try plugging your headphones in different ways. Try plugging it in slowly or while rotating the headphone jack to see if the problem persists. If none of these previous steps solves the problem, you may need to replace the headphone jack.

The phone does not react when the home button is pressed

Check to see if the home button is stuck in position by pressing it and observing if the button stops moving before returning to its original position. If the button does not move, try cleaning it.

If you cleaned the home button and it still does not work, the home button might be damaged. Look at the button carefully for any breaks or cracks.

If the button is clean and in good condition, but still not working, then the phone might have a faulty power button cable. You can try replacing it with this guide.


This phone is garbage. Don’t pay more than $20 for one.

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The specs for the phone says it has a 5 inch screen but it’s not…it only has a 4 inch screen.

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It’s an average smart phone..2-3 year lifespan until updates lock you out from using the phone even though it’s not even physically broken.

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