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LG K7 T-Mobile Troubleshooting

This troubleshooting page will help you diagnose problems with the LG K7 T-Mobile.

The phone does not boot up normally. It will boot up to the phones Logo for an indefinite period and freeze or it will restart after loading the phones logo.

The bootloop normally occur after the user attempts to root the device, runs a failed android update, or tries to install a custom ROM on the phone.

Boot the phone into recovery mode and perform a factory reset. Instructions for this can be found <here (link to instructions)>

If the device’s warranty is still valid processes a RMA with the manufacturer for a new phone. But if warranty is over one solution is to replace the motherboard. Instructions on how to replace the motherboard can be found LG K7 motherboard replacment

User’s start to notice the phone does not seem hold a full charge or after a full charge the battery seems to drain faster than usual. Other user may notice that the phone no longer powers on and when they connect the device to a charger the phone does not indicate that it is charging.

Test the charger by plugging it into a wall outlet and confirming that power indicator light is on (if it has one). If no indicator light is available try charging the device using another micro usb cable. If the charger proves to not be working properly you will need to buy a new charger.

The cells in the battery have failed causing it to no longer be able to hold a charge.After first making sure that the phone’s charger is not the problem, you will need to buy a new battery. Use this guide to replace the battery, LG K7 T-Mobile Battery Replacement

If the above does not solve the issue you may be looking at a back motherboard. Instructions on how to replace the motherboard can be found LG K7 motherboard replacment

The camera is blurry, pictures cannot be captured, or the display is black when attempting to capture a photo.

The lense of the LG K7 may be smudged by fingerprints or covered by dust particles. Cleaning the lense may clear the camera.

When the camera works but pictures cannot be captured, the LG K7's memory may be full. Delete unnecessary files to create more space or add an SD card to the device to expand the memory. This guide demonstrates how to add an SD card.

A black screen can mean the camera may be broken and needs to be replaced. Use this guide to replace the camera. Lg K7 camera replacment

The buttons on the back of the LG K7 cannot be pressed down or are unresponsive to a press.

There may be something underneath a button that causes it to be depressed. Open the back of the LG K7 and remove the screw holding down the buttons to clean and clear the buttons from obstruction. This guide illustrates how to clean the buttons.

The buttons no longer work and may need to be replaced. Use this guide to replace the buttons. LG K7 T-Mobile Back Controls Replacement

You are having trouble to power on and operate the LG-K7. When the motherboard of a phone is not working properly there are symptoms of blue screen that is display, having random shutdowns/ restarts and sometimes there will be bloating capacitor/ a burning smell.

Before concluding that the motherboard is the problem to LG-K7, there are a few procedures that should be taken in place first. Ensure when trying to turn device on that user listen if there is any beep sound after pushing of the power button indicating functionality.

User should ensure checking if there are any back light that may lit up on the screen as this indicates that the motherboard may not be destroyed but device needs a new screen replacement. replace screen

User of the device should double check the battery of the lg-k7 which may result in the lg-k7 having the same symptoms as if the motherboard was damaged as the phone will not respond to user, replace battery. Use this guide to replace the battery, LG K7 T-Mobile Battery Replacement

If the user is sure of the battery status of the lg-k7, the next step is to ensure that the charger being used is functional and in good standard and that power is flowing through the charger. replace charger

The power supply being used should also be taken in consideration as the connection of power may be cut off from that point. The electric outlet may be damage and as a result there may not be any current flow and could be the reason behind the lg-k7 reactions. User should consider using a different outlet to test connection.

If there is a possibility that none of these are the problem why LG-K7 is not powering on then there is the possibility that the motherboard has been destroyed and needs to be placed.Facing a problem such as this, where the motherboard itself is malfunctioning best option is to replace the motherboard itself rather than try to dangerously repair it, where it could make the situation worst. In replacing a motherboard could be one of the hard things to do especially on a small device such as this one, but it doesn’t mean it’s not possible. Motherboard is the heart of the phone. replace motherboard

Normally a dead pixel occurs when the colors of the screen itself stop working and will result in only static or dots showing up on the screen. Notice after a hard-physical drop of the LG-K7 may possibly result in the screen to be cracked. It is likely that the best option after this is as the screen is now faulty is to get it replaced. replace screen


I have a problem with my lg k7 after 2 year of use it ha been going crazy using youtube for example over heats by 2 minutes of use touch things by itself and freezes the screen but the phone its actually running its very confusing but if anyone know what the problem is or how to solve it please tell me. Thank you for reading

Moviestarplanet 7p - Reply

What is wrong when the screen on the LG k7 goes black when calling or receiving calls? Can this be fixed?

Deborah Golden - Reply

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