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LG G Pad F 7.0 Troubleshooting

The LG G Pad Tablet 7.0 is an android based tablet running on Android 5.0 Lollipop. This tablet has a 7 inch screen size and runs on a 1.2 GHz Quad-core processor.

You have trouble connecting to data.

Swipe down the Status bar. Press and hold on the Wi-Fi icon. Make sure Wi-Fi switch is set to On. Tap the preferred Wi-Fi network. Enter the password if known and tap Connect.

If you can not connect to the data with your LG G Pad, you should try to perform a soft reset. To perform a soft reset, simply hold the power button for 3 seconds. Tap Power off and restart. Tap OK. The tablet will power off and power back on.

You should verify mobile data is enabled. to do this, swipe down the Status Bar. Tap the Settings icon. Tap Mobile data. If necessary, tap the Mobile data switch to ON.

You should try to update the data profile if it has recently changed. To do this, swipe down the Status Bar. Tap the Settings icon. Scroll to and tap System updates. Tap Update profile and wait until it completes. Tap OK.

Your LG G Pad F 7.0 does not can not be turned on normally, or stops turning on while going through the normal start up process

Connect your device to the supplied charger. After Several minutes, attempt to turn on the device normally.

Inspect your device, looking for signs of overheating, swelling, cracks or any other signs of obvious damage.

Inspect the charging port to make sure it is clear of any debris, or shows obvious signs of damage.

Charging devices that do not use the same amperage, volts or plug shape can heavily damage your device. You can purchase the correct charger from Sprint, either from the store or

Press and hold the power button for 30 seconds. If the device begins to power on before this, release the power button.

If the device powers on, check for software updates to ensure it is using the latest software. Older software can cause issues with the device.

WARNING: A hard factory reset with permanently delete all data on your device that has not been backed up or on the SD card. DO THIS WITH CARE

Steps to perform a hard factory reset can be found at the following link:

Your device has a statement of low internal memory, or you have trouble installing new applications.

1.Swipe on the status bar

2. Tap the settings icon

3. Go to storage

4. View "Available" section to determine if your device has low memory

All applications take up space on your device, so uninstalling any unnecessary or unused devices may clear up enough space to solve the issue of insufficient internal memory.

All data with be saved to the internal memory on your device by default. You can free up internal memory by moving applications to the memory card.

Be sure that your memory card has enough space. You can also switch to a higher capacity memory card.

See Link below to do this:

Some applications can only run on internal memory- if issues arise, move the applications back to the internal memory from the memory card.

All applications store temporary files in the application cache, which takes up memory.

Clearing the application caches, especially for larger applications can free up space.

Clear the caches of all apps to save more internal memory.

Not all applications caches can be cleared.

On occasion malfunctions in apps can occur due to their cache being cleared.

Ensure that you only clear application caches and not application data, as this can delete things such as remembered login info and high scores. Deleting application caches does not delete personal information.

See the following link to delete application cache

Soft resets delete all of your devices temporary files which can potentially clear up internal memory

To perform a soft reset

1. Press and hold power button for 3 seconds

2. Select power off and restart

3. Select ok. Your device will now power off and restart

Updating to the most recent software for your device can also solve some issues.

Your tablet is slow, unresponsive or turns off unexpectedly

If your tablet is running slowly, then you should attempt a soft reset to help improve your tablet’s performance. To do so, hold down the power button for 3 seconds. Then tap the power off and restart option. Tap OK, and the tablet will turn off and back on.

To help improve your tablet’s performance, safely remove the SD card. To do so, swipe down on the status bar and tap the settings icon. Tap on Storage and then tap on on Unmount SD card. Open the physical tab on the tablet next to the power button and remove the SD card.

Low memory on your tablet can slow down its performance. To check the memory, swipe down on the status bar and tap the Settings icon. Tap on storage and check on the memory status of your tablet. If your tablet has low memory issues, then you can refer to the low internal memory troubleshooting section to resolve this issue.

Clearing application cache can free up space on your device and improve performance. Note that not all cache on applications can be cleared, and that malfunctions can occur from doing so. It is recommended to clear the cache of lightly or unused applications. Make sure you delete the application cache and not the application data. Note that deleting application cache does not delete personal information.

To clear your application caches, see the following link:

Some of the tablet’s performance power could used up by running applications in the background. To close them, tap the circle icon on the bottom row of the screen and swipe unused applications to the left or right.

Your tablet may not be running the most recent software, and so some bugs from the old software may be on the device. To check for software updates, open settings and tap on system updates. If so tap on update LG software and update.

No sound playing out of earphones when connected

Ensure that the earphones themselves do work. This can be done by connecting the earphones to another working device or connecting headphones that do work in the tablet and checking if the sound works.

Sometimes dirt and lint can build up in the headphone jack, so it may become necessary to clean it. You can clean by using blowing compressed air in the hole, or poking the dirt out with a toothpick. Be sure to turn off the device when doing so.

There may be a bug affecting your the audio output, so a soft reset could get rid of it. To perform a soft reset, hold down the power button for 3 seconds. Then tap the power off and restart option. Tap OK, and the tablet will turn off and back on.

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