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LG G5 Troubleshooting

Battery Dies Quickly ¶ 

Battery loses charge a lot quicker during use.

Dirty Battery Terminals ¶ 

If the battery dies quickly then maybe the terminals are dirty. Cleaning battery terminals is an easy fix with the LG G5. The G5 has a removable battery, so you would want to refer to the battery replacement guide to remove the lower and back half of the phone. Once disassembled you will need to wipe the battery terminals with a soft cloth, similar to one you would use for glasses.

Exposure to Excessive Heat ¶ 

If the battery dies quickly it could be damaged due to exposure to excessive heat. Excessive heat causes the battery to not function at its highest potential. Heat causes the battery to age, thus shortening the battery's lifespan, so try to keep your LG G5 within the recommended operating temperatures. To replace the battery you would want to refer to the battery replacement guide to remove the lower and back half of the phone. Once disassembled you will simply remove the battery, and insert a new battery which should have your phone working like new.

Notification LED Does Not Turn On ¶ 

Notification LED (top-middle green light) does not appear when some text messages or app notifications are downloaded.

LED Settings Are Not Set Up Correctly ¶ 

This LED light problem is just a settings issue. YAY! To fix the problem, simply press the home button then Tools > Settings > Sound > Notification LED. Then change the LED toggle to “on” if it is off. Check to make sure the LED is set to go off for the notifications you want; these toggles should appear on that same page.

Bluetooth Connection Does Not Work ¶ 

Difficulty connecting or maintaining a connection between the LG G5 and another Bluetooth device.

Settings Interference ¶ 

Your Bluetooth may not be working due to an interference between LG’s Smart settings and the Bluetooth connection. To fix the problem, open the Setting application > General > Smart settings. Then, disable any settings that toggle Bluetooth such as the “When at home” setting.

Faulty Network Profiles ¶ 

Another possible issue with Bluetooth connectivity is a faulty network profile. To reset your network profiles go to Setting > General > Backup & Reset > Network Setting > Reset. After you have reset the network profiles try again to connect to your target device. Note: This will also reset any saved Wifi passwords.

Backlight Bleeds Through Edges of Screen ¶ 

Bright light appears around corners/edges of the screen. Picture distorted when screen is pushed.

Faulty Screen ¶ 

Backlight bleeding is most likely a manufacturing error and can only be fixed by replacing the screen or replacing the entire phone (Contact your service provider or retailer). If you are not sure that backlight bleed is the issue, you can test it with the Backlight Bleed Test App.

Auxiliary Cord Plug-in Is Faulty ¶ 

Auxiliary port (port on top right of phone) does not read audio properly or consistently. It may make a static "hissing" noise.

Faulty Cable ¶ 

A broken audio cable is the most likely cause for auxiliary port inconsistency. Audio cables get bent and damaged all the time and the easiest solution is to simply replace them. It is much easier to double check whether the cable is faulty than to take apart the phone.

Faulty Auxiliary Port ¶ 

The static/hissing may be caused by a broken auxiliary port itself. Inside the port, there are spring loaded connectors that are probably not making proper contact with the plug. The auxiliary port itself can be replaced if necessary.


When speaker phone on other party cannot hear. Just started happening. New phone provided does same thing

tovya pepper - Reply

Hi I bought a LGG5 but I wasn't received calls or texts it was going to voice mail when I go on settings went on to calls forwarding and a thing pulps up saying network or sim error what dose it mean

Katrina - Reply

I have like burn image on my LG G5 Screen I want too know if replacing the screen is a fix for it or its something from the motherboard.

Adeoye S Olasunkanmi - Reply

LG g5 was hot when not charging and caused screen to crack near speaker. Now it won't turn on. It will vibrate and the light will flash blue but nothing else. I want my pictures off of it since none were backed up. What can I do?

jennaliegey - Reply

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