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LG CU400 Troubleshooting

Released in 2006 by LG electronics,inc. Model number is CU400.

The battery discharges quickly after becoming fully charged.

Bluetooth uses quite a bit of power. To turn off the Bluetooth function of the phone go to Menu>Settings>Bluetooth Menu. In the Bluetooth menu you will be able to turn the Bluetooth function off.

If you do not use the 3G network, then switching the phone to the 2G network will help with decreasing battery discharge. To switch to the 2G network a secret menu has to be accessed. This is done by going to your home screen and typing 277634#*#. Then go to Modem Setting>Network Mode>Network Mode>Select “2G only”. This should switch the phone to the 2G network.

The phone appears to be charging when plugged in, but then completely discharges as soon as it is unplugged. This could be caused by a nonfunctional charging port. To fix this the charging port will need to be replaced. LG CU400 Charging Port Replacement guide will help in replacing the charging port.

Overtime the charging and discharging capabilities of a battery decrease. If this is the case, then the faulty battery will need to be replaced. LG CU400 Battery Replacement guide will help in replacing the battery.

Your LG CU400 will not access MEdia Net.

Sometimes this easiest thing to do is to turn the device off and turn it back on. This will also verify that the phone is turned on.

Like many phone functions, MEdia Net runs using your signal strength. The signal strength indicator is located in the upper-left corner of the standby screen. The signal strength is related to the location you are in within the coverage area. To access MEdia Net at least 2 bars needs to be displayed on the signal strength meter.

The LG CU400 cannot connect to MEdia Net without having access to wireless data. To see your wireless data access, check the indicator in the top-left corner of the standby screen. This indicator is to the left of the signal strength indicator. This indicator should let you know the strength of the 3G network signal in the area you are currently in.

MEdia Net, like any internet browser, uses cache and cookies. Cache is used to speed up the browser in the page loading process and cookies are used for an individual’s settings on different websites. As websites update the cache and cookies need to be cleared from the device in order for the browser to work properly. To clear the cache go to Menu>MEdia Net>Browser Settings>Cache Settings>Clear Cache>Yes to confirm this choice. To clear the cookies go to Menu>MEdia Net>Browser Settings>Cookie Settings>Delete Cookies>Yes to confirm this choice.

The screen turns white or is distorted.

If the phone does not stay closed, the spring of screw could be loose. This can cause the screen to disconnect from the phone. The spring or screws will need to be replaced. LG CU400 Hinge Replacement guide will help in replacing the hinge.

Inside the phone there is a ribbon of several single strand copper wires, and over time opening and closing of phone causes these to break. To fix this the copper wires will need to replaced. LG CU400 Flex Cable Replacement guide will help in replacing the flex cable.


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