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LG A275 Troubleshooting

This LG-A275 unlocked GSM Dual SIM QuadBand Cell Phone has quad band dual SIM stand-by, mega torch lighting, wireless FM radio, 65,000 bright color TFT LCD.

"Everything looks fine, but it will not turn on"

The Phone may not turn on because there is dust or a foreign object blocking the connection. Lets try sliding the back cover off of the device and remove the battery. Check to see if anything is blocking the connection, and reinstall the battery.

The simplest problem that the device could have, is that the battery is dead. Simply plug the phone into the charger and wait approximately 15 to 20 minutes. Now turn on the device.

The phone may not turn on because the battery has gone bad. This is bound to happen in a device. Heavy usage will cause the battery to heat up and weaken. Overtime the battery will not be able to hold a charge any longer, or worse it could explode causing the device to be damaged.

The phone may not turn on because the charging port is obstructed. Open up the small cover of the charging port and remove material. If device is still not working the port is bad. This unfortunately will require replacing the entire motherboard of soldering on a new port. The phone also might have water damage which will require you to replace the motherboard.

"When the power button is pressed it will not turn on"

If the phone does not turn on simply plug the phone into the charger and wait approximately 15 to 20 minutes. Then turn on the phone.

Sometimes water damage, dropping your phone, or the age of the phone can cause your phone to stop working properly. We need to remove the casing to replace the motherboard and LCD.

" My phone is on, but I can't press any buttons. Nothing is responding."

Sometimes dust, dirt, or pocket lent can get inside of the phone and this will stop user input to the device. To simply solve this problem clean the sensors with a cotton swab and alcohol.

Sometimes if the phone is dropped the sensor pad can become loose from the keyboard. Simply open up the phone and realign the sensor pad on the motherboard.

After using the keys all of the time objects can get inside the keys and cause them to stick. Simply remove the face plate and clean off the power button, volume buttons, etc. If the phone still will not respond you will have to replace the keys by opening up the case and replace the keyboard.

"My phone got wet and certain functions are not working properly."

When your phone gets wet sometimes the audio jack on the logic board will rust or the sensor can corrode. If this happens than you will experience either muffled sounds, static, or no sounds at. The best way to solve this problem is to replace the motherboard.

If your phone gets wet it can damage the sensors to the LCD screen. Most older phones have a small white strip on them. If you see that the strip has turned pink, than the LCD motherboard has been damaged. This is a pretty easy fix, but you will have to replace the motherboard.


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