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When I attempt to charge my phone after it has shut off it does not turn on or when I charge my phone the battery life drains really fast.

The first step to deciding which one of these parts of the charging system is malfunctioning is to test them each individually. For this part of the system testing connect your device and Charging USB chord and connect it to your near by computer, if you do not have a personal computer at home you can use a public one at your local library. In order to connect to the computer you are using, simply insert the USB end of the chord into the USB slot of your computer.

When testing the USB chord check the ends of it to see if there is any debris inside the opening or if the opening is damaged in any way. Then see if there are any cuts or breaks in the chord as well if there are this could be your problem and will have to buy a new chord. Once done thoroughly inspecting it and have not found any of the previous defects make sure it is connected properly, you should also check your devices charging port as well for damage. If the device does not charge automatically you may have to find another chord to use and swap them out, if the new chord works then this is your problem.

If the previous solutions have still not solved your problem it may be your battery that is malfunctioning, to test for battery malfunction use your chord and adapter on another device, if the device charges then your chord and adapter both work and are not the problem. If your device only powers on when connected to your charger then your battery is at fault here and needs to be replaced.

When you turn the phone on or attempt to unlock it, the screen remains dark.

Call your phone from a different device and see if the screen lights up or if the phone vibrates or makes sound. If the screen is now lit, check the lock button and see if it is depressed or stuck. Use your fingernail to gently pull up the button. If the phone is brand new, this may be a common problem but will get less frequent with prolonged use.

Call your phone from a different device and see if the phone makes sound or vibrates. If your phone remains quiet and dark, flip the phone over and remove the battery and call the phone again. If the problem is still occurring, you may need to charge your phone because the battery is dead.

My SD Card won't read!

One of the biggest problems you'll encounter with a microSD sized memory card is simply misplacing it. If you are someone who often throws your memory card in a camera bag or shoves it in a pocket when you're done with it, you're probably going to lose this tiny card at some point. Keep a hard plastic container or sleeve handy and always keep the MicroSD cards inside so they're easy to find later.

The first step is to remove the back cover and you'll see the Micro SD slot.The second step is to

insert the Micro SD card with the label facing upwards and the gold area downwards then push in until it clicks into the slot.

My phone won't save anything!

If you have a problem with your micro SD memory card failing to record some of your photos on occasion, it might not have anything to do with the memory card at all. Instead make sure that you have enough battery power. If the battery exhausts all of its power while in the middle of the process of copying a photo, you’ll lose the photo.Having a fully charged battery is especially important when you’re shooting video, because it takes the camera longer to write data from video to the micro SD card than for still images. A low battery could end up causing a write error to the micro SD card.

My phone keeps telling me to reformat?

If you receive an error message stating that a directory or file cannot be created, you’ll probably need to reformat the micro SD card. First, however, copy all of the files to your computer. Then reformat the device in FAT32 ... keeping in mind that reformatting the card will erase all data on it.

How do I recovery deleted files?

If you accidentally delete photo files or phone numbers from your micro SD card, you sometimes can recover the files using data recovery services or data recovery software. Just be sure to try the data recovery as quickly as possible after the accidental deletion for the best chances of success.


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