Koosh Vortex Tornado Troubleshooting

This troubleshooting page is to guide the consumers of Koosh Vortex Tornado to find the exact issue that their products have, such as not loading.

A piece of the gun does not seem to stay in place or function properly.

If the orange cap is loose or falling off, then the o-ring is probably missing or deformed. The o-ring must be fitted back to the shaft, and the orange cap can be press-fitted back onto the o-ring.

If the barrel shield if sliding freely on the gun, there is an issue with the return spring. The device must be opened and inspected for the faulty spring. This should be attached to the bottom of the barrel shield. Reattach the spring and the issue should be resolved.

My gun will not fire when I load and press the trigger.

The ring may be inserted, facing the wrong way. This will prevent the gun from firing. Remove the ring and insert it facing the proper direction.

It is possible that the projectile is deformed or loaded improperly, causing the mechanism to jam. Remove the projectile and inspect for defects. Insert the projectile back into the gun and try again.

If the gun does set when the loading lever is pulled back, the issue is most likely with the loading mechanism. Pull the trigger to ensure that the loading mechanism is not already set. If it is already set, the trigger should release the mechanism, returning the gun to its unloaded state. Proceed to load and use as normal.

If this does not resolve the issue, then the problem is with a spring inside the gun. The spring attached to the release lever is responsible for locking the loading mechanism in place. You must open up the device and find the faulty spring. It has most likely become detached from its original mounting position. Reattach the spring and it should work as normal.

If the trigger is stuck or not resetting when you pull it, there is most likely an issue with the internal spring. The spring is either detached, dislocated, or missing. The gun must be disassembled and inspected for the defect. When the spring is properly reattached, reassemble the gun and proceed as normal.


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