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This troubleshooting page will help you diagnose problems with the Kodak Signet 35.

The view through the lens or the pictures is not clear.

Check the lens; located in the middle of the camera, to see if the glass is dirty or shows any signs of damage. If the glass is visibly dirty or damaged, you may have to clean or replace the glass.

Kodak Signet 35 Lens Replacement

Knobs/dials located on top of the camera are unresponsive.

The two knobs/dials located on top of the camera could be dirty or damaged making it difficult to operate. Dials may need to be adjusted, perform light maintenance, or replaced.

Kodak Signet 35 Dials/Knobs Replacement

The back plate on the camera shows signs of damage.

The back cover of the camera may need to be replaced depending on how severe the damages are; such as broken pieces, cracks, etc.

Kodak Signet 35 Back Cover Replacement

When looking through the viewfinder the image is unclear.

Turn the camera facing you, there should be a small window with a triangle in the upper left corner of the camera. Bring the camera closer to your face so you can see through it. If the image appears to be hazy, unclear or cracked the beamsplitter may need to be cleaned or replaced.

Kodak Signet 35 Beamsplitter Replacement

The shutter coupled with the lens of the camera is not operating correctly or responding.

Hold the camera facing you and look for a metal cocking lever on the right nearest to the lens. Push the metal cocking lever down until you hear a click. Next, locate a flat metal piece on the opposite side of the metal cocking lever and push it downwards. You will hear another clicking sound and the metal cocking lever will return back to where it was. If this is not happening or the metal cocking lever does not move, the shutter is faulty and may need to be replaced or adjusted properly.

Kodak Signet 35 Shutter Replacement

The dial for the speed shutter is the metal plate that surrounds the lens and a metal pointer in the shape of a triangle located on top of the lens. The metal pointer "click stops" at each speed desired; which are "B", "25", "50", "100", & "300". Each setting has a different shutter speed. If you notice that the shutter speed remains the same for all the settings, then you may need to adjust the mechanism inside or perform light maintenance.

The metal cocking lever; which operates the shutter, located on the right nearest to the lens of the camera could be dirty making it difficult to operate and seems stuck at times.


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