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Keurig B60 Troubleshooting

Released September 2013, model number B60

Brewer is unresponsive and will not turn on.

First make sure the power button has been turned on. If so, make sure the brewer is plugged securely into an independent outlet. If still unresponsive, reset the building circuit breaker and try again.

Check to see if the power cord is frayed or damaged in any way. Also make sure the prongs are not bent or broken. If this is the case, a replacement power cord is needed.

Brewer is turning on but unable to brew

Check to see if the K-Cup is inserted correctly into the Pack Holder with the Handle pressed all the way down and secure. If the LCD Screen displays "READY TO BREW," press one of the three cup size buttons. If the LCD Screen displays "ADD WATER," make sure the Water Reservoir has sufficient water but does not exceed the MAX FILL line, and that it is seated properly. If problem persists, the Exit Needle may be clogged and need maintenance.

If the Water Reservoir has been removed during brewing, replace the reservoir and run a cleansing brew without a K-Cup Pack. Clean Pack Holder under running water if necessary. If problem persists, refer to Exit Needle cleaning guide.

Brewer is functioning normally but coffee is not hot enough

When the water pump is not functioning properly, it signals the water heating mechanism to shut off to prevent the coffeemaker from overheating. This results in coffee lower than the desired temperature.

If the water pump is not functioning at maximum efficiency, cleaning the pump with a vinegar solution might be necessary. Refer to the Water Pump Descale Guide.

If the water pump is not functioning, you need to replace the water pump. Please refer to the Water Pump Replacement Guide.

Water is spilling from bottom of device.

Check the Water Reservoir for any fractures or cracks. If reservoir is damaged, a replacement Water Reservoir is needed.

If the Water Reservoir is undamaged but still leaking water, the Water Reservoir Filter might be cracked, or the waterproof seal is broken. If this is the case, refer to the Water Reservoir Filter Replacement

LCD Screen is dark or does not respond to buttons pressed

If your Keurig B60's LCD Screen is unresponsive or is frozen, unplug the device and plug it back into a working outlet.

Make sure the Water Reservoir is undamaged and sufficiently filled with water. If problem persists, thoroughly clean the Water Reservoir and ensure it is seated properly in its base.


We have a B60 brewer. The power button isn't working and screen remain blank. Is this something that can be fixed?

Aphra Barclay - Reply

Took it apart to Chean show me how to put it back together

Regina Hanley - Reply

Took it apart to clean. Need to no how to put back together

Regina Hanley - Reply

Please help. B60 unresponsive - power button/LED window doesn't light up. Have cleaned the part that punctures the pod, have cleaned the water reservoir, have ensured that the outlet is working. Now what? Is it a goner??

Jackie Lyons - Reply

My B60 starts to run water the moment it is turned on regardless of position of lever

Sheri Dill - Reply

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