KD Troubleshooting Guide

There may come a time where you encounter an error or issue with using this software. This is always unexpected and we aim to eliminate these problems. This guide will highlight key issues that may come up when using the software and aim to resolve them.

There are a number of issues or errors that can occur throughout the use of the program. Below we will look at different errors that can occur and how to resolve them.

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This issue normally arises when either Excel is open in the background or if there are two copies of the program open.

This issue can normally be resolved by closing the program down from task manager and by fully closing down Excel from either the taskbar, of if it isn't there, by closing it from Processes under the Task Manager.

If you find that there is an issue with an invoice that has been produced. For example, the layout changes, there is more than one page, or some content doesn't appear on the invoice.

These issues need to be manually addressed by fully closing down the program, opening up the Invoice template and adjusting it to fit within the page size you will print the invoice on.

This is an error that occurs not only in this program, but on numerous programs. This problem usually occurs when there is a reference missing or if there is a step-over in the program.

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The best way to solve this issue is by clicking Quit, this will ensure that the error is eliminated before you restart the program.

If you click Continue, further errors can occur, so it is recommended to quit the program and restart it.

This is usually the case when either the C:\ drive is open in the file manager of Windows or if a file that is used somewhere in the program is open in the background.

Check if there is a file or program open in the background and if there is, close it. This issue can also occur if the USB flash drive is unplugged.

Since this program is a 'portable' program and it is ran from a flash drive, it needs to remain plugged in whilst the program is being used.

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