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JBL Xtreme Troubleshooting

This page focuses on diagnosing issues with the JBL Xtreme Bluetooth speaker released in July 2015.

Battery Fails to Charge ¶ 

The device is plugged into a power source, but the battery won’t charge.

Bad Battery ¶ 

Batteries degrade over time. If the power light fails to illuminate and the speaker won't make any noise the battery may be dead. Open the device and replace the battery.

Bad Charging Cable ¶ 

Wear to the power cable may cause it to fail. If the cable exhibits signs of wear and the device fails to charge, try using a new cable to see if the device will charge.

Broken Charging Port ¶ 

Charging port on the device may be broken due to wear. Disassemble the device and replace the charging port.

Bluetooth Connection Doesn’t Work ¶ 

Cannot pair other devices via Bluetooth.

Too Many Devices ¶ 

Another device may be connected to the speaker. Check for nearby devices and unpair them, then try to pair your preferred device again.

Damaged Bluetooth ¶ 

The Bluetooth chip in the device may be damaged. A damaged chip will prevent the device from pairing via Bluetooth. Disassemble the device and replace the Bluetooth chip.

Device Needs To Be Reset ¶ 

While the device is powered on, press and hold the ‘Connect’ and ‘Volume Up’ buttons simultaneously for 5 seconds to factory reset the device.

Audio Issues ¶ 

Vibration in the speaker, intermittent sound, or no sound at all.

Check that the Battery Holds a Charge ¶ 

Check the power light on the device to make sure it's maintaining power. If the device loses power quickly after charging, the battery should be replace.

Adjust Screws Around Speaker ¶ 

If there is a buzzing or rattling sound, disassemble the device and make sure that all screws surrounding the speakers are tightened. Loose screws may contribute to audio buzzing.

Inspect Speaker Wire ¶ 

Disassemble the device and inspect the speaker wires to make sure they are not broken.

Check for Speaker Damage ¶ 

Inspect the speaker for cracks or debris. If the speaker is damaged, disassemble the device and replace the speaker.

No Sound at All ¶ 

If the power light is illuminated, but the speaker makes no sound, disassemble the device and verify that the wire connecting the speaker to the mainboard is intact.

Audio Issues When Using Aux In ¶ 

Garbled sound or no sound at all when using the Auxiliary Input (Aux In) port.

Clean the Aux In Port ¶ 

Locate the port labeled “Aux In” and use compressed air to clean out any dust or dirt that may be trapped in there, then try using the port again.

Check Aux In Connection ¶ 

Make sure that the Aux In cable is seated properly and has a steady connection. If the Aux In connection has persistent issues, it may be damaged. Open the device and replace the connector.

A Button Doesn’t Function ¶ 

Pressing a button has no effect.

Attempt to Unstick the Button ¶ 

The button may be stuck. Turn off the device and lightly press the button for several seconds. Attempt to unstick the button by gently pressing it repeatedly. If the button fails to respond or responds only intermittently, disassemble the device and inspect the rubber membrane and contacts for wear, Replace as necessary.

Clear Any Debris ¶ 

There may be debris blocking the button’s contacts. Disassemble the JBL Xtreme and clear any debris around the buttons, membranes, and contacts.

My speaker Buzz is real hard on the right side when the bass hits . Percussion cone on the outside is probably cracked or damaged how do I repair it and where do I buy a new one

Michael Hubbard - Reply

In fact I already watched the video on how to repair it I just need to buy a new one. My address is 4653 Edwardian Circle apartment 2A Indianapolis Indiana 46254 I really like both my speakers and would love to continue using your product Michael Hubbard.

Michael Hubbard - Reply

Hi! My Jbl xtreme wont turn on without power cord. It only turns on when it plugged in. It flashes the last Fith LED light. If I unplug it, it just dies. Is there any way to fix it? Help me!

Javier - Reply

My JBL Extreme won't stay off it keeps turning back on by itself

Nick Abbruzzese - Reply

Hi! I have a jbl xtreme which suddenly went blank as in the power lights are on but there is no startup noise & no sounds at all while playing any songs. The Bluetooth is connected though & it's even pairing with new devices. So I have disassembled the jbl xtreme & inspected all the wiring & everything seems to be fine. No loose connection or broken wire. Now what should I do. Please help.

Soham Dutta - Reply

Hey my JBL xtreme wont charge past the third dot and blinks on the fourth one and it would be charging overnight

Curtis - Reply

u found any solution to the problem .I have bought new xtreme yesterday only .Put it on charging its been 4 hours but it is not going past 3 light and 4th is blinking.

sanidhya pal -

On my jbl extreme when I turn to volume up it tends to cut off for and on

Willie Davis - Reply

Same thing don't know what to do

Edsy*awp CSGO AND MORE -

I have the same problem with mine, any luck on this ?

mohammed samsheer -

Wrong combination - Buttons for Reset!

Yesterday, i burst my xTreme, because i accidentally pressed the wrong combination!

Instead of: “Loudness + and Play“, i pressed:

Loudness + and Connect! for 3 seconds.

This burst my xTreme!

After shutdown - no start again - dead!

Only, when i connect the charger, the 5 small LED’s and the Power Button are lighting!

I am waiting for an answer from JBL…..

So please DON’T press the wrong combination !!!!!!!!!

Lothar Peters - Reply

Hi Lothar i had the sam issue like you and i managed to fix it just plug the device to power and press and hold ( Connect [the button looks like infinity symbol]) + (Voulme+) for 10 s then one of charge LED indicators blinks red and it is done

Reza -

REZA is a lifesaver! Thank you so much. I did the exact same thing a little while ago and it worked! Thank you Reza!

Michael Slomzenski -

0mg thank youy REZA!!!

I had the exact same problem as Lothar Peters and your fix worked!

janikroeth -

My speaker hums when I plug it into power point and try to use it

Norman Victor - Reply

I recently got JBL Xtreme and got a weird problem. Whenever I play sequence of songs over blue tooth (e.g. Radio, or playlist etc ), speaker plays only first song and become silent after that. I have to stop and play song again from the Device.

It is working fine for other bluetooth speaker I have. Issue is only with JBL Xtreme.

Gaurav Varma - Reply

I’m having the exact same problem. Just got the speaker last week. I can’t locate a fix anywhere.

Softail Ron -

Gaurav, F.Y.I.

I just got off the phone with JBL they seemed to think that it’s a problem with the Bluetooth contained in the speaker. They are sending me a return shipping label and will be sending out a new replacement. Hope this helps.

Softail Ron -

Thanks Alot. Even I returned back to Best Buy and they will be sending replacement this week. Hope the new piece do not have the same problem.

Gaurav Varma -

Even the new one has the same problem. Later I realized, its problem only with Android mobile. It is working fine for iPhone.. Gonna return it back to JBL and get my money back.

Gaurav Varma -

Hello, I got my jbl extreme from Amazon this November, today the music sound broke and became intermittent especially when the volume is on highest level. I tried to reset and try again, same thing occurs! Please help?

Noor Snobar - Reply

Hey All,

My Jbl has a battery issue, since the expense is high, I opt for using the JBL through AC supply, rather changing the battery. Will that be an issue playing thru continuous power supply? Will there be any battery explosion or such? That's my prime concern. Can anyone suggest.

sheldon dsouza - Reply

Hi Guys, I have JBL xtreme… At first it has sound then after 5 - 10 minutes there will be no sound at all. My battery is half and my AUX is good. So sometimes I turn it off then on again but it happens again.

Jayzel Solamillo - Reply

Just got a replacement Xtreme for my old one, due to the battery going from 15 hours life to 10 minutes over a month period.

This new one has issues with white noise: it’s noticeably louder than my previous one. It also makes a popping noise and the sound delays slightly when connecting/disconnecting the power cable, and is noticeably quieter on battery. It also lets out a random fuzz/distorted sound occasionally when connected to bluetooth but nothing is playing.

Has anyone else got these issues?

Benni B - Reply

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